Contrary to what may seem real at this point, not everyone is playing NBA 2K12 nonstop, calling in sick to work or bouncing from school early. Some people really aren’t into video games. It’s not their thing. But then there are other people still rolling out the old systems and plugging in a copy of the old classic, NBA JAM. While NBA 2K12 is taking steps towards making their new game one of the best basketball video games ever, but can it possible live up to all of the fun NBA JAM gave us? Did it ever get any better than that? Read More »

After Philadelphia’s NBA All-Stars held it down in their home city and beat an All-Star squad that included LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, Hakim Warrick declared they were the “champs” of the summer league circuit. But I think most people had to take that with a grain of salt. The originators of all of this is Washington, D.C. and their Goodman League team. They beat the Drew League, and everyone else for most of the summer. So it was only fitting that we would get a clash of the titans. Read More »

Without a doubt, Kevin Durant was the undisputed King of the Summer this offseason. He played everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Indoors. Outdoors. Pro-Ams. Exhibition games. If Springfield was having an open run with an original leather basketball and peach baskets, we’re sure he would have been there too. So for the latest issue of Bounce, there was only one person that made sense for the cover: KD. Read More »

Far right: Jonathan Hahami and his brothers with fresh NBA signatures on their gear.

With the lockout in full effect, a wonderful side of the NBA player-driven community summer league All-Star events is the shorty rock-player interaction. Miles Rawls of the Goodman League did a nice job keeping the fans involved during the Goodman vs Drew game, letting kids freely meet the players and get autographs.

Philly’s Rahim Thompson has the battle for I-95 in Philly next weekend and Greg Marius is putting together an EBC vs Goodman game Friday, September 30 at Long Island University in NYC. As for Jonathan, he sent Bounce an e-mail telling us about the game like a reporter. Check it out. Read More »

Friendship Park in Stamford, CT is not known on the outdoor streetball basketball circuit but that could all change now after a strong Labor Day weekend event hosted by former Cardozo H.S. standout Drew Gladstone, Levar Wakefield and Popie Joesph. The game featured St. John’s standout Malik Booth, Kavon Lytch and Nakia “Fab” Miller on a refurbished court with True Bounce backboards like those in Dyckman Park. Gladstone is part of a basketball rich family that has quietly contributed to playground basketball in ways that have gone unnoticed. Read More »

Bounce 27: We’re Focused, Man! The Latest / Aug 19, 2011 / 10:08 am

It took a minute, but Bounce #27 is here! Again, Ali “Prime” Danois knocks out a feature on our cover subject – Jimmer Fredette – that gives playground ball and streetball common ground. I hope you know the difference…Tobias Harris, the hoodburbian from Long Island, is all-business, all the time, and his tournament ball dedication while young is now reflected in his status as one of the top 20 new professional players in the world…Street Dogma covers Chicago’s Sonny Parker, who works hard to keep kids in the gym and off the mean streets. EBC’s Greg Marius provides a dedicated moment to one of New York City’s greatest modern day streetball players – John “The Franchise” Strickland – and we crush a whole lot with a cool story about the rise of one of the most underrated producers in modern music history – Mike Bivens – who stole entire backboards and poles to play ball back in the day. Enjoy!

Durant surrounded in Harlem World

I saw the future of the NBA, incredibly, last night. And as the thunderstorm that threatened Mondays EBC game swirled north of the building that is Rucker Park, up into the Bronx, dropping hail on the borough that keeps on “creating it” according to KRS-1, I watched young 10 and 11 year-old shorty rocks sitting on the bench with KD, now known as “I am the One” at EBC. I saw two streetball legends, men who are dedicated to the run, Future and White Chocolate, introduce KD to NYC. I saw the future.

On a perfect midsummer night, as kids listened in KD’s huddle and lined the court up close, we all made money. And check it, I hear my present and former partners, the streetball community, and some real grimy niggums laughing at me because of the things I believe in, the things that I know make the playground game important. I don’t knock the new hustle, I just know that in order for NYC to create players like KD again, who looked like “Dr. J” reborn on the pavement last night, we need more of what I saw, last night. Read More »

CENTRE OF GRAVITY – July 29-31 The Latest / Jul 28, 2011 / 2:04 pm

What first started in 2007 as a beach festival has quickly turned into one of the hottest summer events in all of Western Canada.  Set on the beaches of Kelowna, BC, the Centre Of Gravity festival kicked off as a weekend filled with wakeboarding, beach volleyball, freestyle bmx and mountain biking, not to mention the party life (concerts, dj competitions and bikini contests); like a bag of Skittles, flavors for everyone!  One year later, the COG added in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament that has quickly grown into a 4 on 4 format and has joined the list of dates to circle on the Canadian summer basketball calendars.

Read More »