This video aired during the NCAA 2011 Final Four weekend puts David Stern and the powers that be on notice. Give Team Flight Brothers a spot in the 2012 All-Star Game Dunk Contest. The Blake over the car All-Star dunk with the choir and emcee Kenny Smith was hot, but Bounce had Hook Mitchell doing that on the cover in 2005. The street always has the formula first. Time for some action, some Mike Tyson hype in the event. Ya know what I’m sayin’.

Former Editor-In-Chief Bobbito Garcia is quoted in a recent Sports Illustrated article about JJ Barea. Garcia, who recently worked on the Converse Band of Ballers Game aired on MTV2, has an upcoming documentary called ‘Doin’ it in the Park: Pick Up Basketball in NYC.’

Rise up Indonesian Streetball! Check out the Facebook page on LA Lights Streetball and the website. The ballers in Indo got nicknames like “Transformer,” “Shutdown,” and “Complicated.” Worldwide it spins…

Five Pat Da Roc instructional moves slowed down and mixed for the young streetballer who wants to be like Pat! Pat’s combo of soccer and basketball stylee remains unmatched in the realm of streetball.

Unprotected Hoops: The Shammgod The Latest / Nov 18, 2011 / 1:07 pm

Strong tutorial on how to do the “shammgod” by Craig “Intimidator” McArthur from the Oakland, CA-based “Unprotected Hoops” Crew.

In a park uptown a long 6-7 kid comes into the park shooting so hard the backboard starts to shiver. A man of the community notices, and takes the time to show him a shot that changes the course of basketball history. The kid was Kareem, and the shot was the sky hook. The 13-year-old from Dyckman Projects became a regular student of Mr. Jim Couch and the Jim Couch Super 16 National Freshman Game honors his training ingenuity and his commitment to giving young and talented players the chance to showcase their talents.

Crazy ball handling workout with Core Focus based out of Long Island, NY.

AND 1 2011 Live: The Professor The Latest / Nov 9, 2011 / 2:20 pm

Professor World Wide 2011
Theme: Shut Down Performance
Bounce: We’re Out!

Streetball is defined by the minds of those who stand up for the movement. The Professor, called the “Eminem of Streetball,” defines 2011 as the year of the “Shutdown Performance.” In NYC that performance could have been at Dyckman when Ooh Way Records and Team Nike battled for the tournament title. Others felt it was KD’s 66 at Rucker Park. Whatever it means to you know that we at Bounce are all day and all night playground, and to whatever end we do asphalt, iron, and steel “all school” to the death of every manufactured and hidden move made on and off the street.