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Tonight, The Celtics and Knicks will play their first meaningful game in quite some time. Back in the day, when the incomparable Larry Bird and Bernard King were battling, the divisional rivalry was tangible.

In addition to Boston and New York being two of the three remaining original 11 NBA franchises (the Warriors are the other), the teams have had 12 postseason battles, with each walking away with six series victories. Read More »

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Rolling Stone named Robert Randolph one of the 100 greatest guitar players of all-time. His genius on the pedal steel guitar is something to behold and if you’ve been watching the NY Knicks on the MSG television network over the past year, you’ve already been sprinkled by the musical magic the team is incorporating into the fan experience, thanks to the incredible classic funk, R&B and rock talents of Robert Randolph and the Family Band.

Robert and I have something in common in that we’re both passionate, diehard Knicks fans. The serendipitous laws of the Spike Lee universe brought us together for a recent conversation, some of which is shared with you below. Read More »

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Last week, a lot of heads in NYC where rooting for EBC @ Rucker Park legend Rafer “Skip To My Lou” Alston to help the Orlando Magic to their first NBA title. Didn’t happen, but it sparked a conversation between www.bouncemag.com frequent visitor Funkalot, who inquired to me about who exactly could claim an NBA ring as well as a Rucker Park chip.

I knew that Skip won an EBC America title against Seattle in 2006, but I couldn’t remember if he ever actually went all the way at EBC’s regular tournament. And the only modern-day NBA player I could think of who had league rings who had also played at EBC this decade was Kobe Bryant, however he only showed up for one regular season game so he wouldn’t qualify for having claim to both either.

I had to take it back, so I called Rucker Park Hall of Fame coach Butch Purcell, who directed the mighty Westsiders in the Rucker Pro League in the ’70s. From what he could remember, there were only a few players who could claim both a Rucker championship and an NBA (or ABA) title ring:

Rucker Pro League Champion Westsiders team members with NBA (or ABA) rings:

Julius Erving: NY Nets (ABA) Read More »

The Bounce Squad Gets the Boot The Latest / Dec 16, 2008 / 7:00 am

Bounce Magazine

Well, it was good while it lasted. No need to build suspense here. The Bounce squad was ousted in the SBL semi-finals on Sunday. I will point out, though, that ¬the crew exemplified streetball at it’s finest all season long and the playoffs were no exception. With only five guys suited up, it was like we showed up in the gym and called out, “We got next!” Bang made a Willis Reed-esque comeback to the team after suffering a concussion that should have sidelined him for the season and some. Bang couldn’t even wear his jersey because the doctors had to shred it up! Now that’s the heart and toughness that flows through the veins of a true streetball product. In fact, that might rank up there above Ron Artest tucking his chipped tooth into his sock and continuing the game (see Bounce Magazine issue #17). Read More »