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The 2010 Nike Tournament of Champions was about one thing – Namesake. I had a convo with Corey “Homicide” Williams a few weeks before the game and he told me two important things about the city game. “It takes a long time to build a name but only a second to lose it,” Homicide said. Makes sense.

Watching a player kill summer after summer only adds to their legacy. It’s why players like the newly retired John “Franchise” Strickland, the master of post finishing for several years in New York City, are so revered in playground basketball – he owned the game in his prime and now in its 4th year, the Nike T.O.C. can bite that rep and now be called “The Franchise” of NYC tournament ball. Read More »

An email sent to Bobbito Garcia from Black Jack Ryan, a real old school playground thing – the debate with the scorekeeper about points scored:

“This is one of the reasons why i love basketball so much! Played at Battery park yesterday. Won about 7 or 8 games. Played well but didn’t play till i couldn’t play anymore so went to a couple of other parks but no one was out. Very hot day. Stopped by W4 to see all my boys. Little Jesse from the Y came up to me and said, “Jack we are short guys do you want to play?” Jesse said we were playing one of the better teams in the league. Stix’s team. Coming off picks and Jesse getting me the ball like Jimmy Burke the show started. Crowd was going crazy. Fence ratteling and people calling my name that i never seen before. Read More »

New to the Bounce blog is Jalisha Hunte. Jalisha is a mainstay at West 4th and will be reporting game action on a regular basis.

Schedule for June 21- 28

Monday June 21, 2010

High School: Iced Tea vs. United Brooklyn (4:30PM) Unlimited: Sean Bell All Stars vs. Gym Rats (6:00PM) Read More »

New to the Bounce blog is Jalisha Hunte. Jalisha is a mainstay at West 4th and will be reporting game action on a regular basis.

West 4th St. High School Men’s Basketball:

Bedford Y vs. Positive Direction

The West 4th High School division featured several 6′5”+ players yesterday. The 4:30pm game between Bedford Y, coached by Tippy, and Positive Direction, coached by Tim, looked good at first but quickly turned into a rout from the beginning. Read More »

Armand Gives Fordham a Verbal The Latest / Jan 5, 2010 / 9:30 am

Sean Armand, the 18-year-old who sliced through defenses and averaged about 25 points per game this summer for the NJ Trail Blazers at West 4th Street, has verbally committed to Fordham, Trail Blazers coach Josh Hoffman said Monday.

Armand, who hails from Fort Greene, is a potent slasher and an above-average shooter.

He is currently attending a New Jersey prep school.

Streetball legend Jack “Black Jack” Ryan was recently interviewed on www.streetball.com. Jack Ryan appeared in the 14th issue of BOUNCE and has numerous posts about him on BOUNCE Magazine Online.

Here is a Bounce article that gives a brief overview about Jack’s impact to the sport: http://www.bouncemag.com/2009/04/21/the-hoop-wizard-in-mali/

To purchase Bounce #14, visit: http://store.dimemag.com/bounceissue14.aspx

Bounce Magazine

We can’t confirm it yet, but we just got word that NBA star point guard Baron Davis is playing ball right now down at West 4th St. (6th Ave. in Greenwich Village, Manhattan). Was anyone there to see him, or worse on the court guarding him while getting crossed up and cuffed on? In Nate Robinson’s rookie season with the Knicks, the street savvy guard went down to the Cage one afternoon himself to call next. The Knicks still had a game or two left on their schedule. We love hearing stories like this. Big ups to all the cats who get paid to suit up but still know where it’s really at on the concrete and do it for the love . . .

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Nike reps, Bounce familia and the fans of NYC summer ball had waited for this day the way Lil’ Dez does when he sits outside Kobe and LeBron’s apartment– uncontrollably bopping around in excitement, just waiting to see their heroes.

The 1 train, The Village, Hunter College and Harlem World have all been watching and waiting to crown the team of the summer. After months of players getting after it on all surfaces in all locations, the city finally got its wish this weekend. Read More »