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Tobias Harris on layup line before his confrontation with #4 ranked Villanova.

While President Obama took 12 stitches to the lip during a pickup game at Fort McNair that included Education Secretary and National Hoop it Champion Arne Duncan and former Duke player and personal assistant Reggie Love yesterday, a few of the playground’s best scorers, also used to the rough and tumble pickup style, hit the court at the finals of the NIT Season Tip-Off at MSG. The art of creating space off the dribble, without a dribble, under the rim, and off a screen is in full display as the best the street has to offer that isn’t nicknamed “Prince of Zamunda,” first name Kemba, get burn at MSG in holiday prime time. As I ‘m writing this, at half time #24 Tennessee is up 35-30 on Nova, with Tobias leading all scorers with 11 smooth points and 6 rebounds Read More »

Two-time Defending Champion X-Men vs. It’s Our Turn

The X-Men finally played against the newest team making noise at West 4th Street, It’s Out Turn last Thursday, July 1. The game started off with an impressive array of 3-point shooting by the X-Men and at the end of the first quarter the score was 29-17 in their favor. Yet, It’s Our Turn didn’t back down as the game turned into a personal battle between the X-Men’s Tommie “Gunz” Eddie and high rising AJ Matthews of Monroe Junior College in the Bronx. Read More »

Tommy Gunz gets dap after a familiar bucket

I know Jalisha will be covering West 4th this year, and I look forward to keeping up with it through her posts, but I happened to be in the area with my camera yesterday. I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the more dominant performances in NYC this summer yesterday at West 4th. The returning Champs, X-Men, opened up the season with a memorable performance. Tommy Eddie aka Tommy Gunz played ok, he had about twenty points through the second, third and fourth quarters. It might have been a disappointing performance for him if he didn’t hit like a million threes in the first quarter en route to dropping 20 in the first 10 minutes of the game. He finished with a gluttonous 40 points as he scored in a variety of ways – threes, post ups, taking his man off the dribble, you name it. Read More »

Bounce Magazine

New York City is the gym rat capital of the world.

Throughout the five boroughs, a gaggle of young guns are immersed in the playground, AAU, and open gym scene.

From sun rise to sun up, youngins let fly a feathery mid-range jay, dribble the rock from end-to-end and finish strong at the cup. Somewhere, on a court right know as I ink this piece, a youngin is  launched and floating somewhere between the clouds and the earth’s surface, unleashing a sledgehammer.

There’s  a hoop fiend on every corner of the big city of dreams.

Meet Mark Parisi. Read More »

By Trevor Kapp

At 3 p.m. yesterday, the time the game between the #5 Generals and #1 Rosedale Trail Blazers was set to start, the Generals were inside the Cage at West 4th Street going hard through warm-ups. Their opponents strolled in leisurely 20 minutes after and as a tournament director got on their case for showing up late, one player remarked, “Man, that’s no way to treat an undefeated team.”

If he thought a little yelling was bad, that wouldn’t even compare to what the Generals had in mind for the next 90 minutes. The underdogs jumped out to a 35-18 lead with about six minutes left in the 2nd quarter, controlling the pace and showing that once August comes around, regular-season record means nothing. Read More »

Bounce Magazine

Sean Armand

Sean Armand went for 26 first-half points, but it wasn’t enough.

The sun shone brightly over West 4th Street Saturday afternoon as the NJ Trail Blazers’s jumped out to a 10-point first-half lead against Money Inc. But as the sky changed during the second half, the complexion of the game did too.

Muff Collins and Raphael Edwards dropped 28 points each as Money Inc. rallied to knock off the NJ Trail Blazers, 97-84.

The Trail Blazers’s 17-year-old stud Sean Armand netted a game-high 36, 26 coming in the first half. Read More »

Nike NYC

John “The Franchise” Strickland was almost perfect from the line Sunday.

John Strickland’s free throw hit the front rim, then the back rim, where it sat for a couple seconds, before rolling through the net at West 4th Street Sunday. It was that type of day for the “Franchise,” who is back to add another season to his already storied NYC basketball career.

Strickland dropped 30 points, including 7-of-8 from the free-throw line, for United Brooklyn in a 105-92 win over the Gym Rats.

Darren “Primal Fear” Phillip added 29 as the Gym Rats had no answer for the veteran bigs. Read More »