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Ron Artest, aka Apocolypto, guards up at the Watson Classic

This weekend at the Watson Classic streetball fans were in for a treat. After a game between two defeated teams, where both put forth a strong effort to get that first dub, there was a Ron Artest sighting in the park. Sean Bell’s All-Stars head coach, Lil’ Rah (better known as The Black Bobby Knight, as Joe Pope puts it) made a grand entrance with lots of “Action” as Watson faithful know it. Read More »

photo: Erin Edwards

New York City is the home of summer outdoor ball. There are several strong tournaments in New York – Gun Hill, Hoops in the Sun, Watson, Together We Chill, EBC, Kingdome, and others. Many long time tournament watchers would like to see all of them compete.

“Is this really the tournament of champions?” questioned NYC Pro/Am ref Eric Weaver. “This is only Nike sponsored tournaments. We’re missing EBC, Watson, there’s other major tournaments that have champions.” Read More »

Watson Classic Heating Up The Latest / Jul 14, 2009 / 12:17 am

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Photo: Jon Lopez

The Watson Classic is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and doin’ it in style. Featuring some of the top ballers in NYC, tough unis, and Joe Pope on the MIC, WC is making a case to be mentioned among the top summer leagues in the mecca. Before my game with the Gym Rats on Sunday, I caught some highlights in the match-up between M.O.E. and Posse. Read More »