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adiZero Crazy Light – Lightest Performance Shoe in Basketball.

I suited up for my playoff game in the Pelham Fritz Basketball League Sunday eager to see if my new adiZero “Crazy Light” basketball shoes would give me the “light feet” that “AG” – The Voice of Harlem chants on his songs and in parks around the city. The shoes are on many adidas NBA athletes in the playoffs and I also prepared for my over-40 tournament challenge in a league that features many former NBA players.

I had my best scoring game of the year, and the shoes fit like a glove! As we went down in defeat to a solid Kings team that had top professional talent, my man Al B, announcer of the Big Dogg Tournament in Harlem, who saw me as a youth playing in the Rucker, told me “thanks for giving me a flashback.” Read More »

The world basketball festival (Aug 12-15) is less than a month away. Player appearances, retail pop-up shops and actual on-court action in unprecedented places (Namely Times Square) is on the way, but before all that action attacks Manhattan, the people at Nike, Converse and Brand Jordan wanted to give a everyone a chance to see how all aspects of the game started, how we got here and where the future will take us.

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Joe Pope

Ridiculous handle, contortionist dunks, trash talk, Blocks that send the rock into the stands and DJs are not the only form of entertainment on the streets of NYC in the summer. Every announcer has his own swag. Some have jokes, others are great at coming up with nicknames. AG gets the kids involved at halftime for dance contests. Joe Pope has the celebrity check in. Tazz has unlimited energy. Some announcers get the crowd involved or joke on the crowd. Craig banned jean shorts from 119th. Announcers play a major role and, in some cases, can be the X-factor that separates the good from the great. So, who is the best of the best announcers? Read More »