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The summer is here and so is the drama. The rumors circulating the streets about Team NIKE have been more talked about in NYC, than Anthony Weiner and #Twittergate. But there are no mistakes happening here with this squad, just passion for the game and, to the surprise of many, team unity. Each week, I’ll be bringing you game recaps of how the Boys in Black do at Dyckman and posting the videos here from Nikebasketball.com.

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2 Hard 2 Guard glowing like Iron Man outside Dyckman Park – Team Nike 2011 before first 5k game vs United Brooklyn

I got five predictions for Summer 2011, and I’ve stated my thoughts on Dyckman Park. I personally don’t feel that the park is ready for 5k Weds nights, but I want to be wrong. I remember being one of those dudes that wanted to compete and get paid, and I also remember being a coach in Dyckman Park with a brand. And while I never received a dollar to coach or paid a player to play outdoors, I know the energy of the spot. So with that said, I’m going to make some predictions and if anyone wants to hate, slip in out of the frame thinking it doesn’t narrow, constrict and coil, trust me fams it’s not the year for it, and ultimately, it’s just an opinion! Read More »

Are Freeze and Kiki ready for the Box Cutter?

Last night’s TNP vs United Brooklyn match up under the clean lights of Dyckman Park was classic streetball in the city. The crowd was strong and watched TNP’s “Box Cutter” own United Brooklyn for one night. Next for him should be a confrontation against Hard 2 Guard. Joe Pope – the hottest game announcer in New York City – was on top of his verbals making the crowd laugh when one of United Brooklyn’s players with a huge fro got called for a defensive 3 seconds by commenting that “his hair was in the paint.” Corey “Homicide” Williams – the first streetball player endorsed by Brand Jordan – showed up late for United Brooklyn with his new Jordan streetball kicks on, but his crew was not ready for TNP’s team play and isolation off the dribble. On a hot, humid night uptown, beyond Harlem, The Dyckman Tournament is the hottest piece of playground in New York City.

Bounce Magazine

Clark “Mr. Backboard” Elie was born into the world on December 20, 1954. Growing up in Manhattan’s Upper West Side neighborhood, he played ball with his friends and wasn’t the best at it. At Brandeis HS, he ran intramurals, not varsity. In the early ’70s, the group of cats he rolled with all got recruited to play college ball outside New York. Left behind, he decided to attend City College. And that’s when the legend started . . .

“We used to tease him,” childhood friend Greg “Elevator Man #2″ Brown reminisced with me. “But when we all went away, that’s when Clark got 20 times better!” Elie wound up taking a couple of CUNY chips at CCNY, but his legendary tear in the parks began when Greg Brown returned home. The two, along with Clark’s little brother Mario, wound up terrorizing every playground in the vicinity. Read More »

What happens when you bring streetball indoors? Let me answer that question for you with this clip. The DnD winter and spring classic is the number 1 tournament in queens, Teams such as Money Train, TNP, Money Inc., Diamond, X-Men, United Brooklyn, 1/3 The Champs have played in this tournament. I played in this tournament myself and it’s no walk in the park.

Tri-State Classic

By Casey Lee

(Friday, August 14th) — Team Bad Boy, also known as the X-Men, led 49-40 against Dancy Power with the legendary MC Duke Tango calling the game. Also, others in attendance included Fat Joe & Co. as well as Harlem’s own streetball legend Ron “Terminator” Mathias who was officiating the game.

For Bad Boy, or Brooklyn’s X-Men, Tommie Gunz came lighting it up with a crazy reverse lay-up to capture a 26-17 lead early in the game. At 5:30 in the first half, Bad Boy built the lead up to ten points but Dancy Power started roaring back. The Kareem “Best Kept Secret” Reid to Jazz “Total Package” Mansell connection kept Dancy in the game by cutting Bad Boy’s lead to six points with 2:00 left. By halftime, the game started to receive more AHHHs and claps than all the ladies who walked into the park in front of the crowd of streetball-hungry men! AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHaaaaa!!! Read More »

By Trevor Kapp

After Andre Barrett hit a teammate with a no look pass that led to a dunk, #2 United Brooklyn coach James Ryan threw his hands in the air in triumph. The flush gave the team, who trailed by 10 at one point, a seven-point lead. But little did the coach know his boys were far from in the clear.

After being down by 12 entering the fourth, the #6 Usual Suspects cut the deficit to just four after Erving Brown drilled a three from the left wing with about 3:35 remaining. Brown then stole the inbounds pass and put in a lay-up to make it a 95-93 game.

With the Usual Suspects leading by three with 20 seconds left, UBK guard Gary Ervin connected on one of two free throws to make the score 104-102. The Suspects then threw away the inbounds pass and James “Stixx” Williams put in a running hook for UBK with about 11 seconds left to tie the game. Read More »

Donnie McGrath terrorized the United Brooklyn defense all night.

With about 2:30 left in the first quarter of the game between Dyckman and United Brooklyn at Pro City Thursday night, Dyckman guard Donnie McGrath dragged his pivot foot and was called for a walk. That was about the only thing the former Second-Team All Big East selection did wrong.

McGrath absolutely abused the nets for two hours, shooting 10-for-11 including 7-for-7 from behind the arc en route to 29 points in Dyckman’s 121-104 win over United Brooklyn. Read More »