At 7:04 of the second game of the semis at MSG Nova is up by 9 against a young UCLA crew. The Western Beef aka UCLA Bruins aren’t as deep as the year they went to the final game three years ago with the brick NBA front court of Kevlar Love and Mbah “blockparty” Moute. However, they have a Chi-town guard (Lazeric Jones) and Malcolm Lee (gotta wake up playa your nice), to go along with pre-season Naismith-hyped Tyler Honeycutt and Reeves Nelson. However, Philly’s Maalik Wayns and Corey Fisher (combined 24 points) are dominating the game off the dribble drive and with no shot blocker on the Bruins roster, its turned into a layup drill – Halftime 44-29 Nova. Right now my favorite collegiate crew is looking like Western Sleep… gotta wake up!

As of 7:00 PM at 33rd and 7th Ave in NYC on Wednesday night “Nobody’s Smiling” is into the first set at MSG before “Power105 ” jumps off against Western Beef. At first, it sounds like a concert Read More »

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Sherrod Wright – Pick 9 in Mock Playground Draft

While watching former St. Anthony’s standout Tyshawn Taylor, (first playground experience was with Dyckman/Jim Couch Foundation in the Holcombe Rucker Memorial League) start as a freshman at Kansas, I grouped him as a player who could excel as an All-Surface Performer. He possesses the killer speed and sudden stops to dead defender’s legs, the bungees to go over the 6′8″ or better big man, and the jumper to deal with the uneven elements that the outdoor game brings. Combine that with the killer disposition to recover from the back-and-forth, one-on-one challenge the playground presents, and you get a player who has the ability to excel on the All-Surface level (Grassroots/High School, College and Playground).

Playground ability is a gift that many players who are NBA pros don’t possess. The list down below presents 10 that are All-Surface types. They have the ability to play in the NBA and come through on the asphalt to produce the “spillout” that we all love to talk about. A few names are surprising. Read More »