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In case you missed my coverage of the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) this past summer, Sundiata “Yatta” Gaines led team Prime Time to a championship and earned MVP honors at Rucker Park.

**Note: Bounce Magazine’s own editor-in-chief Sean Couch even dubbed Yatta as NBA-bound at the beginning of the summer.

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You’re quick to praise us when we’re dead on and even quicker to criticize us when we’re not. Our posts inspire debates that last for days and sometimes even longer. Now it’s up to you to give us your opinion. Who is your favorite Bouncemag.com basketball writer?

Ali, 40 Cal, BallGurl, Bobbito Garcia, Casey Lee, Terrence “Lower East Scribe” Watson, Trevor Kapp, Jonathan Lopez, Randy Millard, Sean Couch, someone else? Give us your opinion.

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About a month ago, Bobbito, Casey Lee and I sat down for lunch at a Jamaican spot up by Bob’s crib in Harlem. The food was pretty good. The dialogue was even better.

Among the several topics we touched on was the most overrated player in the city. I know Bounce is in large part about spreading love, which I’m all for, but this query just seemed too intriguing to be left to three reporters sitting at a table on a hot Thursday afternoon.

I won’t list any of the names we came up with; however, I would like to pose the question because I think it could encourage serious debate: Who is the most overrated playground/tournament player in New York City?

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