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New York, saved by the ball The Latest / Nov 21, 2008 / 8:12 pm

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After our Columbus playground sessions, we went up on Lafayette Street to eat breakfast and taste again Eileen Cheesecakes , New York City’s best. Then, Times Square to meet a hometown friend who was in NYC at the same time. It was around 5 pm and we hadn’t played ball yet. Back in 2004, I went lucky to get in touch with Bobbito. He always helps me to find a run, to see games, to live my passion and explore NYC. On this 23rd September he told me he had a Basketball City league game in Trevor Day school on 87th St. off Central Park West, unfortunately the rosters were fixed so we couldn’t play. We watched Kool Bob Love doing his thing, he made 6 of his 7 threes in the first half and finished with 25 points. His young intern Andre Johnson was on the opposing team, the kid is quick, not afraid to drive in the paint and can kill you with his special crossover. That happened to Bobbito as he was guarding the 17 years old fella, however the mentor rarely misses an opportunity to teach Andre a new bball lesson. Bobbito’s squad won the game by 15 points, a good performance considering the level, some former D1 & overseas players usually compete in this winter league.

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