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While the I.S. 8, Tru Ballerz, and the D&D Invitational tourneys dominate pre-season H.S. ball in NYC, the official middle school tournament is the Junior Pros run by Ricky Rivers in Brooklyn. In the upcoming Bounce 26, which comes out in a few days, Rivers is featured in our Winner Takes All column. One of his directors – Thomas “Tippy” McTernan – is one of the most respected talent evaluators in the city. So check Bounce for the report on the up and coming shorties from the northeast region as they compete throughout the fall. Tippy’s Pre-Season Report: Week #1 includes 6′8″ eighth grader Horace Spencer from Philly who dunked in his first pre-season game Read More »

Yesterday, it went down in Bayside, Queens, as the DnD tip off commenced. The first game featured the defending champions TNP against the Lower Manhattan Classic All Stars. It was a show Read More »