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Balkman scoring a layup for the Puerto Rican team at the Rucker

The next issue of Bounce Mag currently being chopped and screwed will feature our take on the NYC Nike Tournament of Champions and the Boost Mobile Elite 24 game in Venice Beach. But with the first ever World Basketball Festival making its home here in the city, we had to be heavy in the streets that weekend to cover it will definitely be highlighted with pics, players and the overall unprecedented level of illness that took over the NYC hoops scene for a little over four days. Like any other great production, some things just didn’t quite make it to the finished product and ended up here on the site like the extra credits portion of your favorite DVD.

I got the chance to kick it with Renaldo Balkman at the WBF where we spoke about his heritage, his adjustment to ballin’ with his Boricua brethren and other goodies like that.


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Photo by Rafael Roy

The 2010 Nike Tournament of Champions was about one thing – Namesake. I had a convo with Corey “Homicide” Williams a few weeks before the game and he told me two important things about the city game. “It takes a long time to build a name but only a second to lose it,” Homicide said. Makes sense.

Watching a player kill summer after summer only adds to their legacy. It’s why players like the newly retired John “Franchise” Strickland, the master of post finishing for several years in New York City, are so revered in playground basketball – he owned the game in his prime and now in its 4th year, the Nike T.O.C. can bite that rep and now be called “The Franchise” of NYC tournament ball. Read More »

The world basketball festival (Aug 12-15) is less than a month away. Player appearances, retail pop-up shops and actual on-court action in unprecedented places (Namely Times Square) is on the way, but before all that action attacks Manhattan, the people at Nike, Converse and Brand Jordan wanted to give a everyone a chance to see how all aspects of the game started, how we got here and where the future will take us.

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Hectic was the only word that could crack the too cool for school (or at least three more years of it), demeanor on John Wall’s face and sum up the last two years of his life. Going from a buried in the tar heel state prep star, to a top HS recruit who led the resurgence of a college hoops haven, a media sensation and a soon to be overall no. 1 pick in tomorrow’s NBA Draft, hectic might be the only way to describe a two-year span like that. Read More »

Reebok ZigTech Black and red

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, I’m sure you’ve seen the Reebok commercials on T.V. for the new cross training kicks featuring Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson or Sidney “Sid the Kid” Crosby. The backdrop is blacked out and a red line takes you for a visual loop through different training situations and abruptly ends as one of the athletes says “the energy drink for your feet.” The ad’s about as eye-catching as the bugged out infomercial guy selling Slap Chop’s and ShamWow’s, leaving us intrigued about what the heck we just saw, to say the least. Read More »

Caoch Hurley sitting outside of St. Anthony's

A lot of the kids playing basketball are trying to survive. They’re trying to figure out how they can dream. A lot [live in areas where they] don’t even have dreams and [have a difficult time] figuring out how they can turn their dreams into reality. That’s what Bob Hurley does. That’s what St. Anthony does. - Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University… Read More »

As ball players (or any athlete for that matter), we have windows–shelf life of anywhere from 10-20 years of being able to play the game we love. In the summer of 2001, Mike Reckord’s window slammed shut when the comp he used to call youngin’s, transformed into thoroughbreds.

“I was in a pro-am event, and I couldn’t get my shot off,” Reckord said. “Everyone was quicker, and the young guys just had too much. I knew I had to retire.”

As a former JuCo player out of Richland College in his native Dallas, Texas, he had more game than your typical weekend warrior, nowhere near pro level but competitive and fit enough to run with the top-notch local talent. Once father time made him ride the pine, he thought of a new way to leave his mark on the game. Read More »

Photo from NiceKicks.com

The Questions.

It’s personally fitting to me that Allen Iverson’s first shoe is called the Question, because ever since he’s been in the league I’ve had to ask myself one: do I love him or do I hate him?

Last week, I was walking to the train, knocking Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Mobb on my iPod and asking myself what makes me love A.I.? Before I could finish my thoughts, Weezy’s lyrics gave me the answer I was searching for.

“Hold court with the apes/I’m a gorilla but lighter/got the, eye of the tiger/the heart of a fighter…” Read More »