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Bounce 27: We’re Focused, Man! The Latest / Aug 19, 2011 / 10:08 am

It took a minute, but Bounce #27 is here! Again, Ali “Prime” Danois knocks out a feature on our cover subject – Jimmer Fredette – that gives playground ball and streetball common ground. I hope you know the difference…Tobias Harris, the hoodburbian from Long Island, is all-business, all the time, and his tournament ball dedication while young is now reflected in his status as one of the top 20 new professional players in the world…Street Dogma covers Chicago’s Sonny Parker, who works hard to keep kids in the gym and off the mean streets. EBC’s Greg Marius provides a dedicated moment to one of New York City’s greatest modern day streetball players – John “The Franchise” Strickland – and we crush a whole lot with a cool story about the rise of one of the most underrated producers in modern music history – Mike Bivens – who stole entire backboards and poles to play ball back in the day. Enjoy!