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BlowHiphoptv.com at Dyckman Park The Latest / Jul 25, 2011 / 7:51 pm

Hip-Hop site BlowHipHoptv.com is venturing into the streetball game, putting on blast highlights of Dyckman Park games featuring Team Nike. Check the OOH WAY, coached by Tony Rosa vs TEAM NIKE highlights and for other promos go to the “cut” section of the website for more.

In case you haven’t been able to get through the gates, haven’t got there early enough or haven’t been following me on twitter (@LowerEastScribe), here’s a look at some of Team NIKE’s ill-action in the Heights

TEAM NIKE WEBISODES 2 & 3 The Latest / Jul 8, 2011 / 4:48 pm

The buzz is building behind Team NIKE at Dyckman park. The park is packed every time Team NIKE plays and with good reason. With 10 of the best NYC has to offer on the same team, where else would you want to be?

We showed you episode 1 of the Team NIKE series, now check out the latest scenes from the Boys in Black. Check episode 3 after the jump.

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The summer is here and so is the drama. The rumors circulating the streets about Team NIKE have been more talked about in NYC, than Anthony Weiner and #Twittergate. But there are no mistakes happening here with this squad, just passion for the game and, to the surprise of many, team unity. Each week, I’ll be bringing you game recaps of how the Boys in Black do at Dyckman and posting the videos here from Nikebasketball.com.

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Two matchups for the street go down tonight when Team Nike goes up against defending 2010 Dyckman champ TNP and 2010 NYC Inside Streetball Champ Team 914 plays 2009 TOC Champion Sean Bell All-Stars. Both games look like indoor events with thunderstorms predicted for the NYC area. Read More »

2 Hard 2 Guard glowing like Iron Man outside Dyckman Park – Team Nike 2011 before first 5k game vs United Brooklyn

I got five predictions for Summer 2011, and I’ve stated my thoughts on Dyckman Park. I personally don’t feel that the park is ready for 5k Weds nights, but I want to be wrong. I remember being one of those dudes that wanted to compete and get paid, and I also remember being a coach in Dyckman Park with a brand. And while I never received a dollar to coach or paid a player to play outdoors, I know the energy of the spot. So with that said, I’m going to make some predictions and if anyone wants to hate, slip in out of the frame thinking it doesn’t narrow, constrict and coil, trust me fams it’s not the year for it, and ultimately, it’s just an opinion! Read More »

A new paradigm hits the streets of NYC tonight up at Dyckman Park with Nike sponsoring a group of 10 streetballers now known as Team Nike coached by last year’s Nike Tournament of Champions winner – Maxwell “Bingo” Coles. The word is that the winner gets 5k a game to split every Wednesday night (still haven’t gotten the press release on that and I haven’t gotten a verbal from Nike personnel but we’ll see at 8 pm tonight!). That’s $500 balls a man, in a park that is known for big crowds and interaction with the players that is unrivaled on the planet.

If you follow our print editions you know that Dyckman Park is known for crowds to the gill…it’s going to be real interesting…First up is United Brooklyn with Gary Ervin and Kavon Lytch vs 2 Hard 2 Guard, Anti Freeze, Kiki Clarke, K. Sat and T2. Team Nike has a lot of guard play but only one ball, and with the crowd calling for Hard 2 Guard to take over (from Dyckman) it will be interesting to see how the team meshes. Read More »