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Brick City Productions and Team Flight Brothers affiliate Anthony Petosa resurrected this forsaken footage of Chicago prep legend Ronnie Fields. Playing aside Kevin Garnett at Farragut Academy in the mid-’90s, Fields’s uncanny jumping ability helped him land the #3 ranked spot nationally among high school players. NCAA coaches fawned over him, but Ronnie’s career was hobbled by poor marks in the classroom and a debilitating car wreck.

Fields persevered, and has played in professional leagues spanning the globe. Check the videos and familiarize yourself with the Windy City’s finest, Ronnie Fields. Hit the jump for part two!

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TFB’s 5′10″ Haneef Munir stood tall at the NBA x Sprite Dunk Contest Tour with an assortment of boofs that makes this land locked writer jealous. (I’m writing under the veil of anonymity to protect my identity.) The high flyin’ Team Flight Brothers are just embarking on the eight city tour, so stay tuned in for more highlights!

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Amare Stoudamire, Team Flight Brothers, Takkle and Powerade are looking for dunkers to be in a Powerade commercial during the McDonalds All-American HS Game. Contestants can possibly become the next TFB member.

visit www.takkle.com, sign up and upload a video to http://www.takkle.com/powerade. Be sure to type “TFB Powerade Promotion” or the video will not be reviewed. Deadline is March 16th of 2009. Non-pros only.

Let’s just say that what Team Flight Brother Guy Dupuy is creating with his dunks lately is not even fair to show! Insane Behind the Back over four standing people and other madness await your eyes:

Team Flight Brothers’ Guy Dupuy reportedly had 21 dunks in the 11th Annual Gridiron Celebrity Basketball Game, and this one in the clip above was from the Dunk Contest . . .

Team Flight Brothers is seriously petitioning the NBA to allow Guy Dupuy into the 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest against the league’s best. Check the vid:

Check the ballhandling montage at the 7:58 mark

Our frequent posts on Team Flight Brothers brought my mind back to the flavor and showmanship of the Harlem Globetrotters. For 82 years the organization has entertained millions of fans and still remains an event around the world. See their worldwide schedule at www.harlemglobetrotters.com . The trendsetting Globetrotters played the first outdoor professional game in Berlin on August 22, 1951 and one of their current members held the world dunk record at 12 feet until 2006. Read More »