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If you didn't have your sets tuned to CBS Saturday afternoon, then you missed a heck of a performance by one of New York's (Harlem) own Jeremy Hazell, who is notoriously known all over the Apple as the Cabby or the Cab Driver.

He was originally named the "Haitian Cab Driver" by Kingdome announcer Taz at the Showboat Classic a few years back. I remember when I witnessed the Cabby make the game look too easy. It was like conjoined twins with a basketball at birth.

On Saturday, he showed the world he can ball for real as he scored 40 points and grabbed seven boards on national television. If Cabby continues to play the way he has been, I think he has a chance to go NBA lottery pick. What do you guys think?

Watch Hazell get real clutch at the end of the game in the clip above and don't forget to add Bounce Magazine on twitter by clicking right here.

Joe Pope

Ridiculous handle, contortionist dunks, trash talk, Blocks that send the rock into the stands and DJs are not the only form of entertainment on the streets of NYC in the summer. Every announcer has his own swag. Some have jokes, others are great at coming up with nicknames. AG gets the kids involved at halftime for dance contests. Joe Pope has the celebrity check in. Tazz has unlimited energy. Some announcers get the crowd involved or joke on the crowd. Craig banned jean shorts from 119th. Announcers play a major role and, in some cases, can be the X-factor that separates the good from the great. So, who is the best of the best announcers? Read More »