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June 6, 2010. The city is prepping for a hot summer, ballers got on their baker’s hats, readying to slide comp into the oven. West 4th Street kicked off along with the Inside Streetball Invitational at Tri-State in Harlem. The summer looks strong with the Nike-sponsored World Games scheduled in August at Rucker Park, the return of Bone Collector and Corey “Homicide” Williams, Smush Parker looking to get ready for one more NBA look and rumors that Steph Marbury could be returning to the city playground scene. What have you heard? Let us know.

Brian Kortovich.

I got an e-mail last week from Jack “Black Jack” Ryan about a young shooter who has emerged with official playground credentials: The nickname, the asphalt tour, and the pro look. The player, Brian “Smokin’ Aces” Kortovich, has already received first quarter light from SLAM ON-LINE, but with the official endorsement from Jack, a game over nickname from EBC’s Hannibal and burn at Pro-City, West 4th Street, Tri-State and Dyckman, it was time for Bounce to give prime time mention to the the former Manhattan College player.

While Donnie “D-Cash” McGrath is the top white player in the city in my opinion, Kortovich’s climb up the pro ladder deserves mention. Brian e-mailed me with some highlights about his pro experiences that illustrate every playground player’s official desire – making the NBA. Read More »

I was super tough in transition, ask former NBA All-Star Mark Jackson about his “D” against me at King Towers back in the day…

“The business.” It’s a term used when a player starts to flame broil his opponent on offense. Many players left like “cooked beef” from our gym back in the day, grilled and handled with a spatula by NBA pros, but real appreciative of having a place to test their skill. I truly remember how the comp helped a city get its rep as the breeding ground of the NBA hardcore player that willed their respective teams to the championship round. I miss that charcoaled flavor. During this All-Star Weekend, I reminisce about men like Mark Jackson, Kenny Smith, Anthony Mason, and Tony Campbell, all NBA All-Stars and championship round players who made NYC’s Jim Couch Foundation Open Gym a Pro Experience… Read More »

The X-Men defeated PDG Queensbridge in the first game.

As Gold’s Gym center Gordy Malone turned to his team’s bench and shouted, “He can’t guard me. He too little,” in reference to N.I.K.E. 1’s Darren Phillip, DP just stood there with a big smile on his face. Malone’s words might have rattled a youngster, but Primal Fear is too experienced, too shrewd and far too talented. An hour and a half later, he would have the last laugh.

The former Fairfield star drilled a jumper from the left baseline with one minute remaining to give N.I.K.E. 1 a five-point lead and put the game out of reach.

DP finished with 21 points, and Nick Carter and Rob Lewin combined for 44 as the ’07 champs defeated Gold’s Gym, 131-124. Read More »

, Big shout out to inside streetball.

I don’t know how many segments of this I can do with so few NYC streetball videos Read More »

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Quinton Hosley is playing with the Dallas Mavericks in the Vegas Summer League.

Some of NYC’s premiere talent is taking part in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. Quinton “T2” Hosley, who was featured on the cover of Bounce #15, is holding down a guard spot for the Dallas Mavericks and averaging about 7 points while connecting on 43% of his 3-point attempts through two games.

Smush Parker, who has been playing all over the city this summer and graced the cover of Bounce #5, is coming off the bench for the Toronto Raptors and putting up 7.5 points and 4 assists.

Former Virginia Tech star Coleman Collins, who plays with Dyckman up at Pro City, dropped 15 points and grabbed 7 rebounds Monday while playing with the NBDL Select team against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Will any of these guys make an NBA roster next year?

I was browsing Youtube for some comedy the other night and happened to find a Smush Parker interview from the past summer on Summerball (MSG). I must’ve missed an episode ‘cause this was the first time my eyes saw this.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard, Smush Parker trashed KB 24 on national TV, and yes KB 24 stands for KOBE, the former gangsta rapper (whose album went triple copper lol) with 3 NBA rings out of 5 try’s, one MVP award and probably the hottest wife in basketball.

While “Grim Reaper” Parker didn’t go quite as far as Shaq did on stage last year after the finals screaming, “Tell me how my A$# taste,” the former Fordham standout didn’t exactly keep his opinions to himself. Peep the clip.

By 40 Cal

40 Cal plays all over NYC, and once went 15 for 17 from three in a league playoff. Between games, he eats pizza with extra garlic so his breath can be nasty.

The Dream Starts Here D-League All-Stars / Dec 20, 2008 / 1:25 am

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Vote Smush Parker and other NYC Ballers for the D-League All-Star Game in Phoenix!

For the second consecutive year, the D-League will be representing at NBA All-Star weekend. This year’s festivities will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. The NBA All-Star game will be played on Sunday, February 13th, with the D-League All-Stars putting in work the day before at 2pm. Bobbito hit me off with some info regarding NYC players that can be voted into the game by you, the fans. NYC-bred players that put it down summer after summer include Smush Parker, Cory Underwood, Curtis Stinson, Larry Ayuso, and Gavin Grant. Read More »