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photo of shoni schimmel: oregonlive.com

In Bounce Magazine Issue #21, which dropped two summers ago, we brought you our Phenom Issue. In the words of our verbal Kung Fu Master, Editor-In-Chief Sean Couch, “The Phenom Issue is dedicated to players that truly have created their own individual songs of praise from the mouths of the bleachers and parks around the world.”

Duke University’s magnificent freshman Kyrie Irving, certain to be one of the top two picks in this summer’s NBA Draft, graced the cover. And this was before his senior year in high school, before the casual fan had ever heard his name uttered, let alone been privy to Kyrie’s mind-boggling on-court stylistics. We brought the young man to you, as a magazine cover story, first. Remember that!

And in our Young World section of the Phenom Issue, where we highlight some of the top young talent marinating throughout the nation, we took you to the state of Oregon for a conversation with a high school junior named Shoni Schimmel. Read More »

Minnesota Timberwolves' Michael Beasley (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

“One day I just started doin’ me. I just started scoring a lot, I guess.”-Michael Beasley, Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot Some people are put on this planet to do one thing. For instance, I think Jaleel White was put on the planet to planet to give nerdy brothers higher self-esteem by playing Steve Urkel; Marv Albert graces the green Earth to scream adverbs and adjectives at you through the T.V. screen and Pamela Anderson, umm, was put here to join PETA in the fight against fur. Michael Beasley, Minnesota’s new leader of the Wolf pack, was simply born to score. A lot.

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Friday Night Lights at Dyckman The Latest / Aug 6, 2010 / 1:23 pm

Sebastian Telfair takes pics with some fans during another capacity crowd at Dyckman on a Friday night

The stars have been showing up at Dyckman this summer. Friday Night Lights are on and poppin’ up there with matchups that’ll keep you’re eyes glued to the action. Corey Fisher vs 2 Hard 2 Guard. Sebastian Telfair vs Edgar Sosa. Problem vs Steve Burtt, Jr. Anti-Freeze vs Keydren Clarke. And on and on and on and on. As Kenny Stevens proclaims, “Where else would you wanna be?” Keep reading for more images of the action up at Dyckman. Read More »

Summer ball in NYC is all about watching our up-and-coming young guys emerge as players and mature as people. Seeing a kid labeled as a hothead take a teammate to the side after he commits a turnover, lets us know he’s growing. Watching a budding-big man grab an offensive rebound and finish strong with two hands means he’s ready to handle anything. This is the process one of New York’s best young talents had to go through. Read More »

Bassy the Knick? The Latest / Jan 5, 2009 / 6:25 pm

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No burn, DNP, and then sent home. It’s funny how one line can sum up the year for Brook-nam’s Jamaal Tinsley and Stephon Marbury. While both still get fat pockets and eat shrimp and spaghetti, the focus now is on Steph’s younger cousin, Sebastian Telfair, who gets some burn, does play, and has a team. But, are there bigger and better things for Bassy? I think he needs the playground style to reboot his game. In my “45 Degrees of Blackness Column,” I highlighted 6 guards that could use a change to get their games going and/or help a team to a higher caliber of play. See the article: “ The Devin Harris Effect.” While Telfair isn’t listed as a potential All-Star in the blog, I feel he has enough “playground” in him to excel and challenge Chris Duhon. Bassy, in a high-screen and roll offense with the green light, could be dangerous. Sebastian is still young and this might be the situation for all his speed and handle to flourish. Check Dime magazine’s Andrew Katz’s blog: “Is Sebastian Telfair a bust?” at Dimemag.com” for some more opinion on his career.

The Grime: No Juice with a Gun The Latest / Dec 5, 2008 / 1:44 pm

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Guns are super wack

The Plaxico Burress incident has brought much sadness to the city of New York. Guns take freedom, life, and time away from so many of our talented brethren. Players don’t want to be shut-ins, but the minute one brings an unregistered gun into a club, his mind and his soul is not in the right place. The mind of a true player isn’t on violence or even protection from it, it’s on things that make the soul full and those around you prosper. Prosperity isn’t rooted in money, it’s in the peace of mind you have when your time is in soulful productive activity. Many families in the projects I come from are prosperous because they work in peace, they keep their minds free of the angles of envy and jealousy, and remain in a state where productive citizenship brings the satisfaction of seeing their neighborhoods and their people achieve. Read More »

Jamel Thomas Interview The Latest / Dec 3, 2008 / 7:16 am

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photo: www.roseto.com/gallery

Basketball and Coney Island seem to go hand in hand with each other. Books like The Last Shot and flicks like He Got Game, introduced the world to the tiny sector in Brooklyn that has produced the likes of Stephon Marbury, Sebastian Telfair, Lance Stephenson and the fictional Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Jamel Thomas aka “Five-Thirty” also rose up from Coney. Cousin of Starbury and older brother of Bassy, Jamel is a 6-6 forward with a sweet stroke and bulldog-like toughness. Thomas never reached the same level as his famous family members but he still had a long and successful career. Read More »