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Haron “H2O” Hargrave’s jumpshot is pure

Queens Day is coming up on August 8, 2010 and there will be a one-day basketball tournament at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens. The event is sponsored by the New York Knicks and Dunkin Donuts. The winning team will leave with a grand prize of $3,000. There is limited space available. Continue reading for details on how to spectate or take part in the festivities. Read More »

Ron Artest, aka Apocolypto, guards up at the Watson Classic

This weekend at the Watson Classic streetball fans were in for a treat. After a game between two defeated teams, where both put forth a strong effort to get that first dub, there was a Ron Artest sighting in the park. Sean Bell’s All-Stars head coach, Lil’ Rah (better known as The Black Bobby Knight, as Joe Pope puts it) made a grand entrance with lots of “Action” as Watson faithful know it. Read More »

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Nike reps, Bounce familia and the fans of NYC summer ball had waited for this day the way Lil’ Dez does when he sits outside Kobe and LeBron’s apartment– uncontrollably bopping around in excitement, just waiting to see their heroes.

The 1 train, The Village, Hunter College and Harlem World have all been watching and waiting to crown the team of the summer. After months of players getting after it on all surfaces in all locations, the city finally got its wish this weekend. Read More »

By Trevor Kapp

Over the next 14 days, some of NYC’s fiercest competitors will bring everything they have to the asphalt and hardwood with one ultimate goal: winning the Tournament of Champions. The defense will be tougher, the shooting deadlier and you can rest assured there will be dunks that leave you in disbelief. Expect confrontations with refs and altercations with opponents, and if trash talk and physical play aren’t your things, you might be best off staying home. This is about pride, passion and perseverance and two weeks from today, only one team will be left standing on 99th and Amsterdam.

To chronicle the playoffs, bouncemag.com is creating “Road to the T.O.C.,” a blog designed to provide you with everything you need to know about the players, coaches and teams from Dyckman, Pro City, Tri State and West 4th as they vie for that ultimate goal. We’ll be there for the overtimes, the upsets and the buzzer beaters, and you will be the first to know about how it all went down.

Get ready, NYC. It’s going to be an unforgettable two weeks. Read More »

Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell rises and fires for three.

Tommie “Gunz” Eddie was cold. Mike “The Icon” Campbell had several uncharacteristic turnovers. And the X-Men guards couldn’t seem to lock down the Sean Bell backcourt pests. There were several reasons why the X-Men should’ve lost at West 4th Street Friday evening. And yet, when it was over, the boys in black exited the Cage with smiles on their faces, looking like bankrobbers after pulling off a successful heist.

After trailing by six entering the fourth, the veteran X-Men outscored Sean Bell 35-19 over the final 10 minutes to steal a win in a matchup of the last two West 4th Street champions. Read More »

Miguel Millien

Millien (center) at West 4th this Summer. Photo: Trevor Kapp

40: What’s Your Full Name? MH: Antoine Miguel Millien Jr. 40: How Did Summer 2008 Go For You In The Streetball Circuit? MH: I did well. I won three championships, received four MVP awards and one sportsmanship award. Read More »