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Doron Lamb’s lights-out offensive onslaught was an extraterrestrial one-man shooting clinic like none I’ve ever before witnessed at that level.

All of you who dipped following the St. Patrick’s game during Saturday’s PrimeTime shootout at the Sun Center National Bank Arena in Trenton, N.J., y’all missed one of the greatest high school performances in recent memory.

Lamb’s 49-point barrage occured during the tail end of a scorching Saturday showcase that was essentially a who’s who of some of the nation’s elite high school players. Lamb, the Oak Hill HS combination guard and New York City native, finished three points shy of matching Lebron James’ 2002 Primetime record of 52.

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DaJuan Coleman’s ascent to the nation’s top percentile of high school big men has run parallel with his emergence on the playground and AAU circuit.

Coleman, a 6-foot-9, 260-pound behemoth, opened plenty of eyes while inhaling rebounds, altering shots, and executing an arsenal of post moves for the Syracuse Select AAU squad. Don’t sleep on Coleman, who has gone from terrible tower to titanic talent while having some of the older 315-area ballers push his development.

The highly sought after sophomore (several of the nation’s high-majors are already in active pursuit of the big fella) was such a dominant force hooping in his age group, he was elevated to the New England Playaz, a torrent of talent featuring guards Denzel Brito and Nate Lubick.

At the conclusion of the summer, the widebody made his debut on the NYC asphalt. Coleman garnered a roster spot in the Boost Mobile Elite 24 at The Rucker (Respect Tradition, y’all).

This winter, Coleman continues to stake his claim as a beast among boys. DC is averaging 20.5 points for the Red Rams, the defending state champions and hunted ones in Section 3/Class B.

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Phenomenal jumper? Rick Apodaca The Latest / Dec 22, 2008 / 8:56 pm

Someone told me that Rick Apodaca has the most phenomenal jumper he’d ever seen. I think I agree. Seeing day after day the practices of Carife Ferrara in the Italian League and Apodaca taking his jumpers, I can admire the harmony of his movement, the glide in the air just before the release of the ball from the hands.

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