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Greg Marius and LeBron James soul clap at Rucker Park.

I was sitting with Robert “Gusto” Wells in Rucker Park last night talking about the future. Gus owned the Rooftop, one of the first hip hop spots in NYC back in the day. The co-founder of EBC brought the nightclub security mindset to Rucker Park, making it the party place to be for the hip hop/street basketball generation for the past 29 years. While many complained about the long line to get in, the Fruit of Islam-like security check and the no-smoking and drinking rules that were implemented, the changes brought unparalleled sponsorship, NBA support and television coverage that no other community-based summer league has seen. While this blog will tell Gus’ story later this month, I want to give my Dime Magazine partners Josh Gotthelf and Pat Cassidy two pounds for taking Bounce to the NYC newsstands, making Bounce All-City. Read More »

Read Adam Flomenbaum’s opening night report on Bone Collector’s return against 2009 Nike Summer Player of the Year, Adris “2 Hard 2 Guard” DeLeon. For the record, Boobie Smooth is back on the mic at EBC. Read the EBC Game Report and see highlights at Dime TV.

If you’re in New York City tonight, it’s well worth your time you head up to Harlem to check out the opening night of EBC at Rucker Park. Playing in NYC for the first time in four years, Larry “Bone Collector” Williams will be joined by Rafer “Skip 2 My Lou” Alston and Darryl “Showtime” Hill as they take on the Angie Martinez All-Stars featuring Adris “2 Hard 2 Guard” DeLeon (2010 Nike NYC Player of the Year), “Jiggy” Josh Watkins and Jersey’s Finest. Read More »

June 6, 2010. The city is prepping for a hot summer, ballers got on their baker’s hats, readying to slide comp into the oven. West 4th Street kicked off along with the Inside Streetball Invitational at Tri-State in Harlem. The summer looks strong with the Nike-sponsored World Games scheduled in August at Rucker Park, the return of Bone Collector and Corey “Homicide” Williams, Smush Parker looking to get ready for one more NBA look and rumors that Steph Marbury could be returning to the city playground scene. What have you heard? Let us know.

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Doron Lamb’s lights-out offensive onslaught was an extraterrestrial one-man shooting clinic like none I’ve ever before witnessed at that level.

All of you who dipped following the St. Patrick’s game during Saturday’s PrimeTime shootout at the Sun Center National Bank Arena in Trenton, N.J., y’all missed one of the greatest high school performances in recent memory.

Lamb’s 49-point barrage occured during the tail end of a scorching Saturday showcase that was essentially a who’s who of some of the nation’s elite high school players. Lamb, the Oak Hill HS combination guard and New York City native, finished three points shy of matching Lebron James’ 2002 Primetime record of 52.

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Big shot out to Greg Marius.

You want to get a park packed, call the lord of the rings. Kobe Bryant is the first man in streetball history to be escorted to his game with secret service as you can see in the beginning of the video, I brought this video up wondering why has the number of NBA players playing in our tournament’s have depleted drastically. We saw Yi, Jaric & Sebastien at Pro City this year but no one was really impressed, Ron Artest showed his face maybe once this year due to it being the contract year for him so we cant knock his hustle but remember once upon a time in NYC Shawn Marion, Baron Davis, Steve Francis, Allen Iverson etc etc would grace our courts with there talent, it’s time for the next generation of NBA players to stop being scared and walk into the mecca.

Josh Selby throws it down at Rucker Park

Photo by Jon Lopez

Josh Selby throws it down at Rucker Park

The 4th annual Boost Mobile Elite 24 event, and it was an event indeed, was off the hook! First of all, anytime you put the top twenty-four high school ballers in the country on one court you’re bound to witness some quality hoops. But they weren’t gathered on just any court. They were gathered in the mecca: NYC. The hallowed grounds of Rucker Park, no less; however, due to poor weather conditions the game was actually moved to Gaucho’s Gym in the BX – the court that Stephon Marbury, Ed Pinckney, Sebastian Telfair, Rod Strickland and so many others have played on. Read More »