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Edgar Sosa has NBA game! Photo Courtesy of flicker.com

So as I stare at my Bounce 24 deadline, the scout in me has to say something again. I’m remembering this freaky athletic kid fresh out of Rice HS dunking on grown men and owning the park at Dyckman back in 2005 with a team called “The Young Ones.” He was putting up numbers so easily that when I heard he was going to Louisville, I thought he would start immediately and be out of there in two years. Read More »

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Edgar Sosa and Kemba Walker, a pair of electrifying NYC playground-bred guards, got their baller’s teeth cut while playing for the Gauchos on the AAU circuit.

Gauchos gym is rich basketball real estate (see Strickland, Rod or Marbury, Stephon for more on the program’s OG’s), a bandbox joint with one-side stands in an Ampitheater-type atmosphere.

Sosa and Walker put in countless hours at this very venue during their primary period of youth hoops prosperity, when both emerged as tough-as-nails guards tailor-made for the physical Big East…

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Antoine Mason’s game is no laughing matter. It rises with the tier of competition.

Overlooked and underappreciated by the masses, Mason opened eyes like a pair of nude Maxim models Monday night, sparking New Rochelle to their second come-from-beyond win over Section I power Mount Vernon this season.

A 6-foot-2 guard/forward on a vaunted 17-1 New Rochelle team that’s taken the NYC suburbs and greater 914 area by wildfire this season, Mason has embraced the big-game beast within him.

Mason hoops for the Metrohawks on the AAU circuit.

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The Playground Gave us Mash The Latest / Jan 5, 2009 / 1:33 pm

photo: big blue history.net

He stood 6′8″ carrying a chiseled 240 pounds. By the time he left the Unversity of Kentucky for the NBA, the world knew him as the “Monster Mash.”

During the intense game action that went down between the lines, whether it was on asphalt strewn with broken glass, Rupp Arena or on the NBA stage, he was always a textbook example of versatility. Pulling up from 23 feet to bang a three, dominating in the post, snatching rebounds or running the show in the open court, the man could do it all. And then some. Read More »