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It’s real to the mind, soul and spirit when a moment in time becomes a highlight. Ask Jay, Fat Joe, Jada, LeBron, Durant and Kobe about an entrance into an arena filled with 20,000 strong chanting your name. Don’t front on the similarity that a streetballer experiences when the crowd demands for a demonstration of skill. Citizens of the street know the call; it sounds like the moment a man or woman goes, “ahhhh, my favorite song,” and then rushes out on the dance floor to dance to the rhythm.

The connective energy morphs through the lines of memories that 14-year-olds riding on buses, cars or trains repeat to a friend, better at that moment than an ESPN/youtube highlight, at least to the ear, because a passion is being expressed from a young mind. There’s so much to the moment when it is passed on by the next kid, and when two or more street-verify and confirm, it’s an expression that catches fire.

It’s the interaction, the non-static realm of mind energy, that forces conversation, giving boys and girls the right to create a moment from memory. Yo, I need to write this down, I need to express myself. And so, if you can read between my lines, young and old, the read is real important. I read a report in yesterday’s New York Daily News that reading amongst teenagers is on the decline at record levels. So as the New Year approaches, here’s my top 5 worldwide streetball moments of 2010: Read More »