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My esteemed colleague in the bouncemag.com cipher, the inimitable, intelligent professor of hoop-ology who goes by the moniker of Funkalot, suggested that this lovely soundtrack should accompany any discussion of the Chicago Bulls’ Manchild in the Promised Land, Derrick Rose, from here on out. Read More »

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Last night, Golden State’s Monta Ellis continued his torrid opening season stretch by posting 39 points, eight assists and nine rebounds in the Warriors’ 115-109 victory over Memphis. He scored 17 of his teams final 21 points, exploding and elbowing his way onto the start-of-season landscape that seemed solely reserved for Kevin Durant, LeBron, D-Wade, Kobe, Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo and the phenomenal rookies John Wall and Blake Griffin. Read More »

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After several hours of intense game play on one of the most iconic locations on earth – Alcatraz Island located in San Francisco Bay – Los Angeles’ Isaiah “Clutch” Bowman lived up to his nickname and beat Phoenix’s Gary Smith with a clutch shot breaking the 6-6 tie with two seconds remaining on the clock to claim the crown as Red Bull King of the Rock. The bucket meant 10K for Bowman, one of the highest individual payouts for a 1-on-1 contest in recent memory. Read More »

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The basketball court has always been a place of sanctity for Bo Kimble. Growing up as a kid in the projects of North Philadelphia, Kimble used his talents to earn a way out, securing a basketball scholarship to the University of Southern California in 1985. Alongside Dobbins High School teammate and fellow Trojan Hank Gathers, Kimble decided to transfer to Loyola-Marymount, where the Lions would fight their way to the NCAA tournament each of his three years on campus. Twenty-five years later, as he stepped onto the court at Chew Playground in South Philadelphia for the Red Bull 2on2 Revolution Tournament, all eyes were yet again on Bo Kimble. Read More »

Two weeks ago, Rajon Rondo came to New York City and showed up at court in Harlem to spread the word about this summer’s Red Bull 2on2 Revolution. And as you can see below, the scoring system works perfectly for his game. So if you’re looking to win $2,000 this summer, make sure you and your teammate signup in a city near you. There are still a few spots left for the first three stops: Boston (7/17), New York City (7/24) and Philadelphia (7/31). Don’t sleep!

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The way 2-on-2 basketball is played is about to get flipped - and it could earn you $2,000. This summer, the Red Bull 2on2 Revolution is going to be taking over a city near you, and if you and a teammate have what it takes, you can walk away with the title and the cash.

Here’s how it’s going to go down: For five (almost) consecutive weekends starting in mid-July, the Red Bull team will be taking over iconic playgrounds in major East Coast cities with all-day 2-on-2 basketball tournaments. 32 teams will battle it out in each city in a single-elimination format, with the winning squad taking home the cash and other prizes. The twist? Read More »

While Kobe Bryant did everything in his power to send Los Angeles back to the west coast with a victory in hand, he received as much help from his teammates as New Orleans got from FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Thus far, the 2010 Finals has been ripe with ancillary storylines – the rugged toughness, exemplified by Ron Artest, exhibited by L.A. in Game 1, Rondo’s triple-double masterpiece coupled with Sugar Ray Allen’s sweet stroke in Game 2, Derek Fisher’s late-game heroics in Game 3 and and the Celtics Killer B’s (Big Baby and the bench) making all the difference in Game 4.

But last night, it was all about the Return of the Macks, as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rondo re-established their top billing in Boston’s 92-86 Game 5 victory. Read More »

For the majority of this game, this series seemed to finally be defining itself. The Lakers looked to be the superior team, with the two best players on the court, Kobe and Pau Gasol, mesmerizing aficionado’s with their mastery of the most difficult moves. At various turns, Kobe and Pau made their Picasso-like brilliance look as simple as finger painting.

But the nuance and texture of this championship, and possibly the season, morphed into something entirely different in the fourth quarter. It was then that the Celtics unlikely pair of heroes, Glen “Big Baby” Davis and little Nate Robinson, led their team to victory, assisted by the key contributions of Tony Allen and Rasheed Wallace, with a game changing swarm. Read More »