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Kuran Iverson: ESPN’s #2 Sophomore in the country played with Wayne Simone’s Team Connecticut. Photo: Cassell A. Ferere

Every player in the nation knows about the NYC aura. It’s the place where the lights are the brightest and the comp the deepest. The Jim Couch Reunion Games personifies that challenge through its Regional Reunion Series, and the players that compete are among the best in the nation. While a NYC Public School Athletic League pre-season conditioning clinic was held in the aux gym, attracting 200 plus players, 7th grader Unique McLean dunked in the Middle School Metro Showcase, Coach Munch’s Middle School all-star team shined, NYC triumphed over Long Island in the spotlight Rising Freshman Game that St. Raymond’s Shawn Jones (projected as a possible starter as a freshman) and Rice High School’s Shavar Newkirk dominated, as the starting backcourt of the New York Knicks watched. Kuran Iverson dropped 20 in the Sophomore Regional Showcase Game between Connecticut and New Jersey. At 6-8, Iverson showed the versatility of a guard, reminding me of Brooklyn’s Jerry “Ice” Reynolds, an extremely talented NBA point-forward with playground handle Read More »

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My Fritz League Jersey

This is my rookie year in the Pelham Fritz Basketball League. The tournament hosted by Lawrence House, Sr. is the premier 38-and-over run in New York City. Former NBA players Charles Smith, Gus Williams, Mike Bantom, and Steve Burtt play with the likes of former overseas and pro veteran streetballers Molloy “Future” Naismith, James “Speedy” Williams, “Master” Rob Hockett, Wes Correa, Troy Bowers, Leroy Shaw, Chad Woodley, Omar Booth, Daren Rowe, Jack Ryan, Jose Alvarez, Tony Greer, Curt Middleton, Ed Duncan, Gerald “Doogie” Thomas, Bobbito Garcia, Tony Hargraves, Drederick Irving, and Dexter “Twin” Gardener.

Our record is 10-2, one game back from the Bulls who feature the legendary “Future” whose legs are still young. One of the highlights of the league is the announcer, AZ – the voice of Harlem. AZ speaks straight James Brown griot-chant, dispensing the nicknames and keeping everybody’s feet semi-light. My fellow Sun’s teammates – “Twin” and Correa are respectively called “The Eradicator” and “Wild Wild Wes,” but my nickname is “Coach Couch.” I’ve decided to gun for the game over, grimy, I’m straight destruction nickname. I’m not sure, however, if my hamstrings are going to allow me to do it though… Read More »