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Photo by Rafael Roy

The 2010 Nike Tournament of Champions was about one thing – Namesake. I had a convo with Corey “Homicide” Williams a few weeks before the game and he told me two important things about the city game. “It takes a long time to build a name but only a second to lose it,” Homicide said. Makes sense.

Watching a player kill summer after summer only adds to their legacy. It’s why players like the newly retired John “Franchise” Strickland, the master of post finishing for several years in New York City, are so revered in playground basketball – he owned the game in his prime and now in its 4th year, the Nike T.O.C. can bite that rep and now be called “The Franchise” of NYC tournament ball. Read More »


The new issue of crossover is out and the visuals are crazy from crossover magazine and Asphault Chronicles C.E.O and my vote for photographer of the year Kevin Couliau, K1X endorsed Darren Primal Fear Phillip is on the cover, Read More »

Unfortunately when you’re playing ball outside in NYC (or anywhere for that matter), you can’t always control the weather. So while we were set to have the 2009 Nike Tournament of Champions yesterday at Goat Park, Mother Nature thought otherwise. Nonetheless, if you’re still looking to see the winners of the four premier Nike summer leagues compete for the City Championship, head up to Gauchos Gym today. Read More »

Before guys make it to the Tournament of Champions, they have to pay their dues. And this Saturday, August 22 at Goat Park (99th & Amsterdam), you’ll get to see the next group of Metro area legends in the making in the high school showcase game. Check out the roster: Read More »

2009 Nike Tournament Of Champions Nike, Video / Aug 18, 2009 / 5:46 pm

As we mentioned earlier today, this weekend is the best basketball weekend of the summer, and we here at Bounce wanted to extend an invitation to the 2009 Nike Tournament of Champions. This Saturday, August 22 at Goat Park (99th & Amsterdam), TOC brings together the winners of the four premier Nike summer leagues (West 4th, Dyckman, Tri-State & Pro-City) to compete for the City Championship. There is also going to be a high school showcase game featuring some of the best players in the metro area, so don’t sleep. Gates open at 10:00 AM and admission is limited, so get there early!

After leaving a youth playoff game for the Entertainers Basketball Classic at Rucker Park, I walked down 8th Avenue in Harlem and noticed this:

Photo: Casey Lee

The asphalt mark signifies that the Nike Tournament of Champions (TOC) is coming to the Big Apple next Saturday at GOAT Park located on 99th & Amsterdam! Are you going to be there?

In your opinion, who will be the player to watch at the TOC and why do you think so?