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The world basketball festival (Aug 12-15) is less than a month away. Player appearances, retail pop-up shops and actual on-court action in unprecedented places (Namely Times Square) is on the way, but before all that action attacks Manhattan, the people at Nike, Converse and Brand Jordan wanted to give a everyone a chance to see how all aspects of the game started, how we got here and where the future will take us.

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2009 Basketball Shoes at Eastbay Nike / Oct 15, 2009 / 12:59 pm

With the hoops season quickly approaching, my people at Eastbay have hooked up the features and specs for the 2009 Basketball Shoe line up. Growing up with Eastbay, I always knew they had a ton of colors and different models but to see thousands of shoes come through the door is an amazing thing. Playing hoops as a kid, it was always cool to see all the kicks Eastbay would offer year to year, so keep reading for a look at the line up of 2009 Nike Basketball Shoes. Read More »

Pro-Ked Super Pro-Keds with K1X shorts

No, I didn’t go on the court with this combo, but I sure did consider it for a second! I had everyone at the 14th St. Y hawking, though, particularly the older heads who, like me, grew up with Pro-Keds as premium brand of choice for the ’70s in New York. There has not been a day that I’ve worn these where I haven’t been stopped dead in my tracks by someone asking, “Where can I buy those?!” I was on a pay phone and this dude had the nerve to even ask me. I was like, yo, don’t you realize you’re wasting my quarter? Ha ha! Read More »

National Hyperdunk Day? Sneakers / Feb 3, 2009 / 1:40 am

A couple of weeks ago, maybe more, just before December 31st I think, I stepped into the 14th St. Y after having taken off some weeks to rest my shoulder injury. I hadn’t played in a minute, but all the same regulars were there in the gym–Jonathan Canter, Yuta, Roman Perez, etc. Curiously enough, though, I noticed that out of the 20 dudes in the gym that day, more than half where wearing Nike Hyperdunks! I don’t think since the early ’90s, when the Air Force 1 was on its last leg of on court dominance, had I seen one model so prevalent on New York ballplayers’ feets. Wow! Read More »

Going to the hole on Nike’s Anthony while Sean Tresvant stays undecided on whether to help out, much less guard me . . .

On Thursday, December 11th, I was in Portland, Oregon, to spin the 2nd anniversary of the Fix party. During the day, my homeboy Arturo Nuñez invited me and my girlfriend to come visit Nike’s Beaverton headquarters. I’ve been to their campus maybe five or six times dating back to ‘94, and have never been short of amazed. There are plaques dedicated to past athletes all along the walkways, which is like an endless outdoor sports museum. The sprawling fields and lakes are cool and all, but my desired destination was the Bo Jackson facility, where I’ve had the pleasure of playing ball indoors on two gorgeous courts with decent run every time. Unfortunately, it was under renovation, so I headed to the former WNBA MVP Cynthia Cooper outdoor court, which was butters. Read More »