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Gaines was called up to the NBA last year, could Eugene be the next?

The month of June is in the books and players are back in NYC. Bone Collector and Brandon Jennings have appeared at the Rucker, Utah Jazz point guard Sundiata Gaines and Celtic Nate Robinson have run at Fireball at Baruch College, while playground pros like Antawn Dobie, Antoine “Miles High” Millien, 2 Hard 2 Guard, D. Hardy, Dre Barrett, Cab Driver, Gary Irvin and Eugene Lawrence have put in memorable performances at Dyckman, West 4th, Hoops in the Sun, Nike Pro City, Fireball and Tri-State.

40 point games by Dobie and Millien, the Hard 2 Guard drive by on D. Hardy at Dyckman, Brandon Jennings at EBC and the Money Train back court of Dobie and Gary Ervin knocking Nate Robinson out of the Fireball playoffs have been the highlights of the New York City summer.

Naming a player of the month is tough, but my vote goes to Eugene Lawrence, the former St. John’s Red Storm point guard, who is looking like the most NBA ready player in the city and Antawn Dobie whose nickname “Anti-Freeze” is by far the best in NYC. Read More »

While Kobe Bryant did everything in his power to send Los Angeles back to the west coast with a victory in hand, he received as much help from his teammates as New Orleans got from FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Thus far, the 2010 Finals has been ripe with ancillary storylines – the rugged toughness, exemplified by Ron Artest, exhibited by L.A. in Game 1, Rondo’s triple-double masterpiece coupled with Sugar Ray Allen’s sweet stroke in Game 2, Derek Fisher’s late-game heroics in Game 3 and and the Celtics Killer B’s (Big Baby and the bench) making all the difference in Game 4.

But last night, it was all about the Return of the Macks, as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rondo re-established their top billing in Boston’s 92-86 Game 5 victory. Read More »

For the majority of this game, this series seemed to finally be defining itself. The Lakers looked to be the superior team, with the two best players on the court, Kobe and Pau Gasol, mesmerizing aficionado’s with their mastery of the most difficult moves. At various turns, Kobe and Pau made their Picasso-like brilliance look as simple as finger painting.

But the nuance and texture of this championship, and possibly the season, morphed into something entirely different in the fourth quarter. It was then that the Celtics unlikely pair of heroes, Glen “Big Baby” Davis and little Nate Robinson, led their team to victory, assisted by the key contributions of Tony Allen and Rasheed Wallace, with a game changing swarm. Read More »

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I’ve heard the worst about the 2010 Sprite NBA Dunk Contest in a matter of days. I disagree with the critics; I was pleased with what I saw Saturday night. Last year critics said the problem was “too many props and glitz, not enough creativity.” The 2010 Dunk Contest displayed pure dunks with no gimmicks, something that highlights an actual player and his talent. I commend all who participated because they handled critics with class. When many wanted LeBron James and a star-studded event, the 2010 participants heard their name used as the butt of jokes. I’ve heard none of the participants bicker about the critics; they participated and tried to give the audience a good time.  Nate Robinson set a record people, a record that gives all sizes hope in a competition where size is key! The 2010 participants certainly got my approval.

Brandon talking like a panther before the draft…

Back is the latest installment of the Grime – For the G.O.A.T. – LL Cool J – you’re still Todd to me!

…Imagine if the Knicks could go back in time. Do you think they would draft Brandon Jennings or take David Lee, Chris Duhon and ride with first rounder Jordan Hill again and get funky with the pick?

Wanted to see the future of the “L,” so catching Nate Robinson’s first start against the player Bobbito dubbed “The Take Over” was a must see. Both are possessors of premium playground ball style with Nate showing his skills at EBC America in 2006 and Jennings earning the 2007 co-MVP at the Boost Mobile Elite 24 Game.

Robinson’s first start at the point yielded some solid results. He involved his teammates and got the rock to Lee, who ended with a season-high 32 points and 15 boards.

The Knicks were down five with a minute and change left in the third quarter when Nate hit the bench. Duhon came in with an immediate turnover, which led to a vicious one-step-inside-the-extended-dotted-line cram Read More »

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We can’t confirm it yet, but we just got word that NBA star point guard Baron Davis is playing ball right now down at West 4th St. (6th Ave. in Greenwich Village, Manhattan). Was anyone there to see him, or worse on the court guarding him while getting crossed up and cuffed on? In Nate Robinson’s rookie season with the Knicks, the street savvy guard went down to the Cage one afternoon himself to call next. The Knicks still had a game or two left on their schedule. We love hearing stories like this. Big ups to all the cats who get paid to suit up but still know where it’s really at on the concrete and do it for the love . . .

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The Dunk! The Ram! The Slam! The Bong! Whatever you want to call it, it’s an art form, birthed on the playground, that has revolutionized the way the game is played. And few used the Bang! to make a bigger splash than Anthony Jerome Webb, aka Spud. Read More »

Bobbito-Marching Band Moozak? from Alan View on Vimeo.

Last weekend I flew out to Seattle to spin the Resident Media’s RING THE ALARM jam. I arrived early that afternoon and spent some time building with promoters Tina and Alan, then slid to the club early to hear DJ Spinja get down before my set started. Time and time again, heads would share, “Man, Bob, we know you love basketball, so you’ll feel me when I tell you how much this town misses the Sonics . . .” I heard stories of fans crying at the last game, how petitions went around to try to get the Seahawks owner to purchase the squad, how cats still got their Payton and Kemp jerseys from back in the day, on and on. I wondered how Minneapolis felt when the Lakers bounced to Los Angeles way back in the day.

I also thought about the Seattle squad that went to EBC America chip at Rucker Park in 2006 that featured Nate Robinson, Jamal Crawford, Spencer Hawes, and Brandon Roy. They only had five players, and played two games in one day. According to my Bounce partner Sean Couch, Nate Rob was doing “ninja turtle crossovers” as he was so low to the ground Kareem Reid could not do much to stop him. They took an L in the Final, even though Crawford dropped 25+ in the second half alone, and heads Uptown still talk about them with reverence.

I also thought about announcing the 2008 Elite 24 Classic at Rucker Park, and watching HS freshman Tony Wroten Jr. from Seattle Read More »