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Sean “Rocky Horror” Couch

“In three’s” I was told by a big time rap mogul one day long ago. “Successful times and moments come in three’s.” I didn’t forget. As the New Year approaches, I’m looking for clean game and clean sounds. I want to see more highlights and less stupid, mash-upped games that make people nervous. Yo, let’s try the the 3-Pack. Start with a high-top fade, a blockparty and a kid nicknamed “Problem” who brings an area code down for some more championship fun. Keep your man “Rocky Horror” happy, or else my other friend, who actually is my enemy, shows up. The city is never the same… Read More »

Hoops in the Sun All-Star Game The Latest / Jul 19, 2010 / 9:02 am

Baltimore’s Stacy Brown throws one down

It was a star-studded event at Orchard Beach this weekend for the Hoops in the Sun (HITS) All-Star Game. Baltimore’s ESBL squad took on a HITS all-star team that included the likes of Steve Burtt, Jr., Miguel “Miles High” Milien, Haron “H2O” Hargrave, Adris “Too Hard to Guard” DeLeon, Jesse Sapp, Kenny Satterfield and Mike “Optimus Prime” Glover. There was a major giveaway at halftime that saw Yankees tickets, a Nintendo Wii, an iPod and XBox 360 video games awarded to lucky winners. There was no shortage of highlights for the fans and media in attendance. Read More »

Photo: Erin Edwards

Who is your NYC Summer Player of the Year?

Summer of ‘09 is a wrap. Tri-State declared Lil Rah’s Sean Bell All Star’s the champions on a forfeit. Last time a major tournament went out like that was the Terror Squad vs S. Carter EBC forfeit back in ‘03. A straight-to-video account of the drama is available now for those who want to listen to Joe flow about how he always comes correct for the big moment.

Dyckman saw a chip played on 2/3 of a basketball court because of the “no-one-denied-access-to-the-chip-pass.” Dyckman remains “hood-deep,” as the song – “Shook Ones” – gets FunkFlex rotation uptown for those who understand what I’m saying…

St. John’s bound Dwight Hardy won two player of the year awards at Hoops in the Sun and Tri-State respectively, while Italian League star Sundiata Gaines had a strong summer too, winning the MVP at EBC and dominating at Pro-City. Adris “2 Hard 2 Guard” DeLeon closed the summer out at the Nike TOC like a terrorist on a mission, showing that he belongs among the elite scoring guards in summer city ball. Read More »

2009 Finals MVP: Yatta Gaines Photo: Casey Lee

2009 EBC Champions: Prime Time Photo: Casey Lee

(Monday, August 17th) There was standing room only, and the park was filled to capacity for the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) 2009 Men’s Unlimited Championship. Jadakiss was in attendance to watch his crew, Team 914, with half of Westchester County!

Packed crowd Photo: Casey Lee

Coaches also were found everyone–Rah (Sean Bell All-Stars), Dee (Team Cam’ron), and even [Queens] Cardozo HS own Ron Naclerio–to peep Team 914 and Prime Time battle for first place and bragging rights.

Ron Naclerio (left) talking with James Ryan (right) Photo: Casey Lee

The first half was filled with defensive intensity. Both teams went back and forth as the score was tied up at halftime, leaving a question mark as to who would dominate the second half. Read More »