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Photo: dndinvitational.ning.com Smoke

You may have seen him on the AND 1 Mixtape Tour, where he was given the nickname, “The Problem Child.” You might have peeped him in a summer league in North Philly. If you were in Queens on Saturday, you probably even Read More »

Smoke: Getting Love from Fans at Elementary School

Ask any cat on the playground or in any household in North Philly about “The Problem Child,” and they know that you’re not just name dropping…

Bottom Row (from Left): 2nd - Maureece Rice and 3rd - Martin Bonaparte

Martin Bonaparte won two Philadelphia Public Leagues titles with Strawberry Mansion in 2000 and 2002. Also, Bonaparte aka The Problem Child has dropped countless buckets on a variety defenders for the AND 1 Mixtape Tour since 2004. Read More »