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I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Ryan Harrow play this past weekend. My man Mark Edwards was beating me in the head about how this kid he trained since he was 10 was going to put on a show. I didn’t believe him. Thinking I’d see a decent kid drop 20 points and win the game in a normal fashion, but Mr. Harrow made sure he made Mark look like a prophet. He finished with 45 and hit some of the most acrobatic layups, delivered laser accurate passes and thundering dunks that you wouldn’t expect from a kid that was probably 120 lbs. soak and wet. What was so funny about the game was the crew of 6 boys from the home team that were heckling him. They called him every name in the book. They questioned his manhood and his style. He made sure to look at them everytime he scored. One of the kids screamed out in a mocking voice, “Ryan, do you like me?” Those same kids were waiting to shake Ryan’s hand after the game. You gotta respect his “G’. Read More »

My man Mark Edwards from Atlanta, who managed Hot Sauce, Professor, and handled biz for the AND1 Tour for a good minute, hit me up about a kid he’s been working with named Ryan Harrow. The 5′11″ NC State commit got wiggles and then some, would be a good pick up for the upcoming Elite 24 on August 22nd at Rucker, don’t you think?