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Out of 347 colleges and universities that tip off the season, the NCAA Tournament is now down its ultimate showcase, the Final Four. With stealthy Kansas getting knocked out like Debo by Ali Farokhmanesh and the superb Cinderella crew at Northern Iowa, drop-dead gorgeous Kentucky getting pimp slapped by Don Magic Bob Huggins’ 1-3-1 West Virginia half-court “D” and Syracuse’s intimidating zone being chopped down from its Mount Rushmore elevation to Bushwick Bill height, courtesy of the relentlessly solid Butler Bulldogs, the Madness is now left with its sole top seed, the Duke Blue Devils.

When it’s all said and done, as the confetti falls while CBS drops the One Shining Moment curtain call, will Duke still be singing this? Cue the music – Read More »

The Dunk! The Ram! The Slam! The Bong! Whatever you want to call it, it’s an art form, birthed on the playground, that has revolutionized the way the game is played. Last night, Atlanta’s electric sizzle machine, Josh Smith, came swooping through the rarefied air in the game’s final second with some sinister intentions, solidifying the Hawks’ presence in the playoffs with a monster buzzer beater to propel ATL past Orlando, 86 to 84 – proving that March Madness is not the sole province of the NCAA’s. Read More »

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As a Columbia University student, I am used to the fact that our chances to make the Big Dance are slim. Coming from a sports powerhouse like St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Ohio, I was used to seeing my Alma Mater go State each year in a myriad of sports. Ivy League basketball has it good compared to other conferences, all an Ivy League program has to worry about are teams who do not invest their most into athletics. A decent team in the Ivy can make the Big Dance every year with little hassle compared to a tougher division. But the question lies whether they can stay long enough at the Big Dance to take pictures, get a drink of punch, and in the end win the title of King.

The Big Red proved that an Ivy can make it to the Big Dance and mingle with the crowd. In a few hours we will see the Cornell Big Red at the Sweet Sixteen against stars such as John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, Patrick Patterson, and DeMarcus Cousins. So what if their names were plastered all over ESPN while we saw hints of highlights from the Big Red here and there. I’m a man of odds who converted into a man of hope. The Cornell Big Red resurrected hope in my veins for something better. I won’t put my Alma Mater down anymore after this Cinderella Story!

March Madness is a special event for sneakerheads since future stars will be remembered for their play and footwear. If you don’t believe me, try getting the image of Nike Air Flight Huaraches and Nike Air Force Max B’s out of your mind when you think of the Fab 5. It’s 2010 and the sneakers of choice on the college courts are the Nike Hyperdunk/Hyperize/Hypermax. What sneaker in your opinion will be engrained in your memory when you think of 2010 NCAA Basketball?

KG Goes to UCLA

In the 2008 NCAA Tournament, three adidas sponsored squads finished in the Final Four, with Kansas taking the ‘chip in last-second fashion. The brand looks to continue the winning attitude in the oh-nine and brought in Kevin Garnett to discuss UCLA’s winning tradition and convey the Brotherhood ethos. Tracy McGrady suits up for Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals, Superman Howard does his best “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” impression and Josh Smith rolls with the rugged Pitt Panthers. What perennial NBA stud would acclimate to the college game best? More importantly, can you imagine the damage each of these cats would do under the summertime sun at Rucker Park or Kingdome? Scary. Peep the other three commercials after the jump.
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