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God Shammgod.

If asphalt ball is a dream, then think very closely about the touchstone that built the modern streetball reality that we all see from France to L.A in 2010. Was Skip to my Lou at Rucker Park the original stone? He indeed was part of the foundation. Was it the AND 1 conglomerate of Headache, Shane, Half-Man and Main Event? They laid the bricks, but, the man who was the foundation of the whole thing was a kid from Harlem whose name is now worldwide in parks and gyms. NBA players from Italy to Argentina to China are on his ‘dro and our upcoming edition features God Shammgod, a man who NBA pros and entire national teams hire to work on their handles. While this cover is not our newsstand joint, stay tuned for our official one shot at 128th and Seventh Ave (Original Rucker Park) next week!

Bounce Magazine

Brooklyn native Jack “Black Jack” Ryan recently was invited to entertain aspiring young ballplayers in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. Far away from home, the West 4th St. legend quickly won over the kids, and totally enjoyed the experience. “They gave me a nice Qatar uni to perform in,” he told us. Apparently, he’ll get to wear it again with the success of his trip: “The GM of the country’s federation said he wants to bring what the NBA does for its players and fans. Maybe I’ll be back . . .”

Shortly after returning home, Jack Ryan played against the Main Event Dream Team in a positive community entertainment game held for the Linden (NJ) PAL. Against former AND 1 Mixtape Tour players like Spyda, Shane, and Pharmacist, the 45+ year old scored 25 points! Announcer Joe Pope (also of Watson Classic and Tri-State) told the old man, “You should be playing with us, man!”

The legend continues . . .

The following post is from the Suburban News, based out of New Jersey:

http://www.nj.com/suburbannews/index.ssf/2009/03/linden_police_athletic_league.html Suburban News

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LINDEN–On March 20, the Linden Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) will be holding an All Star Event at Linden High School located at 121 W. St. Georges Ave. Linden NJ. The Linden P.A.L. All Stars featuring “The Hoop Wizard” Jack Ryan & Linden P.A.L. Director Officer Dan ” DK ” Kuczynski, will be playing against The Main Event Dream Team.

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