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Edgar Sosa has NBA game! Photo Courtesy of flicker.com

So as I stare at my Bounce 24 deadline, the scout in me has to say something again. I’m remembering this freaky athletic kid fresh out of Rice HS dunking on grown men and owning the park at Dyckman back in 2005 with a team called “The Young Ones.” He was putting up numbers so easily that when I heard he was going to Louisville, I thought he would start immediately and be out of there in two years. Read More »

Jeremy Tyler

Jeremy Tyler, seen here at the LeBron James Skills Academy, announced this week that he will forego his senior year of high school to play overseas. Photo: highschoolhoop.com

David Stern was met with fierce opposition when he ruled that players had to be a year out of high school before entering the NBA.

Coaches, including then Texas Tech head Bobby Knight, argued that the age-minimum hurt the college game because there would be too many “one-and-dones,” and NBA players said it was unfair to make more-than-ready high schoolers wait an extra year to accomplish their dreams. Read More »

Pro-Ked Super Pro-Keds with K1X shorts

No, I didn’t go on the court with this combo, but I sure did consider it for a second! I had everyone at the 14th St. Y hawking, though, particularly the older heads who, like me, grew up with Pro-Keds as premium brand of choice for the ’70s in New York. There has not been a day that I’ve worn these where I haven’t been stopped dead in my tracks by someone asking, “Where can I buy those?!” I was on a pay phone and this dude had the nerve to even ask me. I was like, yo, don’t you realize you’re wasting my quarter? Ha ha! Read More »

Kemba Walker

UConn’s Kemba Walker is having a solid freshman campaign. Photo: tommymac.com.

Now I realize I’m not exactly breaking news when I say UConn point guard Kemba Walker’s future looks bright. I’ve seen the Bronx native play in person a few times now (at last year’s McDonald’s game and at West 4th a couple times this past summer). But I can’t describe how impressed I was seeing “EZ Pass” first-hand at Wednesday’s UConn Marquette game. Read More »