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TAKING BACK WHAT WAS MINE! The Latest / Mar 13, 2010 / 3:33 pm

This past Wednesday, March 10, 2010, the Nike NRF League staged its annual All-Star Game 3-Point Contest. I won the title in 2007, scoring a record 25 points (out of 30 potential) in the shoot-out, but aggravatingly took 2nd Place in ‘08 and ‘09 to the same dude, my man Lou Miguel. We’re both the two oldest players in the league, and with 20 sharpshooters present in this year’s match-up, cats were counting us out. We wouldn’t have that and still wound up tying in the final round forcing a mano y mano ending. I hit 22 to win it, taking back what should’ve been mine all four years! Props to Lou Miguel, though, and Aron Phillips who wrote a nice post on the event at the Nike NRF site, click here to peep it.

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Yesterday I slid the to the 14th St Y afternoon run after missing it for the last couple of weeks while traveling to Amsterdam, Paris, London, etc. All the regular friendly faces were there from Ramon Rodriguez (PPB), ol’ man Johnny (73-year-old who guards full court), Arnel “Bulletproof Wifebeater” Milton, etc. Lil’ Casey, who we’ve all known since he was 11 and is not so little anymore, brought down his homeboy Isiah who is supposedly a top 100 high school player and definitely has a nice game. So the stage was set. I couldn’t wait to get down.

In my first full, Ramon hit the game winner after he had pumped faked me into the air and I landed three feet behind him. Splash. Gee, thanks for the warm welcome back. Of course it was nothing personal, but in the next contest I wound up guarding my good buddy Jimmy “Bubba” Burke and we always go at each other. Dude didn’t play HS or college ball, but has been a life-time park run teammate of Jack “Black Jack” Ryan and knows the game and how to win better than most. In the first play I posted him down low, wiggled, stepped back, and hit a nice floater while saying, “He’s too light!” I rarely talk smack, but here at the Y where everyone is like a family, it’s accepted and never taken out of context. Plus Lil’ Casey and Isiah found it humorous cuz they grew up listening to me announce on the NBA STREET VOL. 2 video game.

Jimmy came back down and scored on me. Their next possession, he took me to the cup for two again. Now Casey and Isiah were screaming, “Oooh, you gotta get him back, Bob!” So I told them, “He’s light, and his clothes is tight!” to which they fell off the bench laughing! I went down court intent to whip whop him silly, but boom–Jimmy ripped me, sped down the court and scored again. Read More »