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In 2006, Bounce produced a two-on-two winner-take-all contest called Truth, Dare, Consequence(TDC), at Kingdome in Harlem. The winners of the 32-team contest were Darren “DP” Phillips and Junie Sanders. They received $2,000 dollars for one day of good work. We’re thinking about bringing it back on the pro and amateur levels! The two-man game is one of the leading indicators coaches use to evaluate players. It is also a great way for all players to display their shooting, ballhandling, and passing talent in space. TDC rewards players for offensive and defensive execution. It is built to make players go equally hard with and without the ball. A steal and block counts as much as a bucket inside the three-point line. The game within the game is what makes TDC appealing. Imagine watching Amare Sy go up against one of the top defenders in the city. Who would that be? One person that comes to mind is Gold Gym’s Maniac. Who would win a game to 5 if Maniac had tips, steals, blocks and charges as points to go along with regular offense? Could a team win just on defensive points? Real interesting game.

On the amateur level, we’ll have other ways to show love and give shine. So if your in junior high or high school and ready to show your rachet, chop, and no-look, hit us back and tell us your strategy to win. In the meantime, get some prep from Indiana Pacer Assistant Coach Lester Conner on the Pick and Roll. Check some Steve Nash/Amare Stoudemire and Chris Paul/Tyson Chandler execution and let us know who you think is the best pick and roll combination. My pick:Stockton/Malone.

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