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The announcement arrived today. NYC native and one of the illest, most unique talents to ever rise from the city asphalt, Chris Mullin, has been elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. In lieu of the great news, I’m rewinding this selection from a couple of years back, as we celebrate Mo’s achievement.

Christopher Paul Mullin was a simple, neighborhood guy from Troy Avenue in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn. The love affair with hoops was a multi-generational thing that began in the driveway of the family’s small row house. Read More »

ihoops makes its next move The Latest / May 4, 2010 / 7:12 pm

Photo: ihoops.com

ihoops named Len Elmore its new CEO yesterday. The hiring of the former Power Memorial High School Catholic League city champ, raised on tournament basketball here in NYC, is a signal that the joint NBA/NCAA initiative is ready to make its mark on all footprints of amateur ball in this country. Read more at: Len Elmore becomes CEO of ihoops.

The Playground Gave Us “Fly” The Latest / Feb 19, 2009 / 12:40 pm

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Back in the days, the word was a staple in the NYC urban vernacular – a ubiquitous adjective that meant smooth, slick, incredible, pleasing to the eye, dapper and cool all rolled into one inspiring conglomeration. Cats yearned to have the flyest crib, the flyest car, the flyest wardrobe, the flyest ladies.

And on the city’s playground landscape in the ’70s, everybody wanted to have Fly’s game. His government name was James Williams. But like all of the transcendant talents that rose off the asphalt, whose exploits travelled across geographical barriers and continental divides by word of mouth, the skills engendered a legendary alias that would live forever: Earl Manigault aka The Goat, Joe Hammond aka The Destroyer, Herman Knowings aka The Helicopter, Fly – you get the idea. Read More »