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SUMMERBALL UPDATES The Latest / Jun 4, 2009 / 1:23 pm

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MSG Network has decided to not bring back the SUMMERBALL series, hosted by Bobbito and Boobie Smooth, in 2009 after three successful seasons. In 2008, the program attracted the highest ratings of any original programming for the channel. Hopefully it’ll back in the future, write to www.msg.com if you’d like to see SUMMERBALL back on the air!

KINGDOME (114th St. bet. Lenox and 5th Ave.) will start June 13th. There is no validity to the rumor that Puff is sponsoring the tournament this year. It is only word of mouth on the street, allegedly started by Puff himself. So it can happen, but as of yet Kingdome director Huncho and P Diddy have not spoken.

TRI-STATE CLASSIC will reportedly start this weekend June 6 at it’s same 2008 location of Colonel Young Park on 145th St. and Lenox (2, 3 train to 145th). The rumor of the tournament moving to Mt. Morris Park on 120th and Madison has not been confirmed. The league will have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday games this summer instead of Monday thru Thursday.