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TEAM NIKE WEBISODES 2 & 3 The Latest / Jul 8, 2011 / 4:48 pm

The buzz is building behind Team NIKE at Dyckman park. The park is packed every time Team NIKE plays and with good reason. With 10 of the best NYC has to offer on the same team, where else would you want to be?

We showed you episode 1 of the Team NIKE series, now check out the latest scenes from the Boys in Black. Check episode 3 after the jump.

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Photo: Courtesy of New York Post.

Special thanks to Carl Berman from Netscouts Basketball.com.

A New York Post article written last summer about 6-2 guard RaShawn Stores summarizes his union with the playground. Ex-NBA player Kenny Satterfield has taken him under his wing and the former All Hallows H.S. standout is showing his skill at the Robinson School in New Jersey as a post-graduate.

Stores made a pressure free throw to send his team into overtime and then scored all 10 overtime points at the National Prep Invitational as a Day 3 All-Star, leading his team to victory.

Stores was selected to play for the Bronx at the Nike World Basketball Festival’s Battle of the Boroughs High School All-Star tournament last summer and his playground-tested pedigree is rising to the top in high school prep play. Check out a scouting report on him at the GBOA Hoops blog site.

Any kid who carries a nickname like “Baddest Man on the Planet” has to get some notice. While the NYC hype machine can sometimes nickname a player into a mindset that coaches on the college level despise, the Bronx-bred, playground-tested Dwight Hardy (16.6 per game) has taken the park mentality and prospered so far. Young Hardy like a Jedi padawan has been tutored by Obi Wan’s like Kenny Satterfield and Andre Barrett (NBA), and overseas pros like Steve Burtt Jr., Corey “Homicide” Williams, Antawn “Anti-Freeze” Dobie, and Jason J-Hi McLiesh. So hitting Georgetown Monday night with freaky reverse layup game and 3-point prowess for 20 loud points was no thing to him. The 10-3 Redstorm have found a leader, and with the NYC noticing their 3-0 record in Big East play, the return of the SRO crowd at MSG might not be far away. Read More »

Photo by Rafael Roy

The 2010 Nike Tournament of Champions was about one thing – Namesake. I had a convo with Corey “Homicide” Williams a few weeks before the game and he told me two important things about the city game. “It takes a long time to build a name but only a second to lose it,” Homicide said. Makes sense.

Watching a player kill summer after summer only adds to their legacy. It’s why players like the newly retired John “Franchise” Strickland, the master of post finishing for several years in New York City, are so revered in playground basketball – he owned the game in his prime and now in its 4th year, the Nike T.O.C. can bite that rep and now be called “The Franchise” of NYC tournament ball. Read More »

Semi-Finals at Dyckman presented some unpredictable twists

Playoff action resumed at Dyckman last night with yet another electric crowd. Fans at Dyckman really get into the game. Yes, they are often literally on the court and in the game that way, but they are also basketball-savvy fans who do not hesitate to let their opinions be known. No better time to speak up than when the stakes are at their highest: playoffs. Win or go home. And it’s a long wait until the summer of 2011 – lots of lost sleep can take place over that one turnover you wish you had back or that rushed shot that was swatted into next summer.

Last night Mann Up took on TNP and Team 914 faced Castle Hill in Dyckman semi-final action. Continue reading for details on how it all went down. Read More »

Friday Night Lights at Dyckman The Latest / Aug 6, 2010 / 1:23 pm

Sebastian Telfair takes pics with some fans during another capacity crowd at Dyckman on a Friday night

The stars have been showing up at Dyckman this summer. Friday Night Lights are on and poppin’ up there with matchups that’ll keep you’re eyes glued to the action. Corey Fisher vs 2 Hard 2 Guard. Sebastian Telfair vs Edgar Sosa. Problem vs Steve Burtt, Jr. Anti-Freeze vs Keydren Clarke. And on and on and on and on. As Kenny Stevens proclaims, “Where else would you wanna be?” Keep reading for more images of the action up at Dyckman. Read More »

Hoops in the Sun All-Star Game The Latest / Jul 19, 2010 / 9:02 am

Baltimore’s Stacy Brown throws one down

It was a star-studded event at Orchard Beach this weekend for the Hoops in the Sun (HITS) All-Star Game. Baltimore’s ESBL squad took on a HITS all-star team that included the likes of Steve Burtt, Jr., Miguel “Miles High” Milien, Haron “H2O” Hargrave, Adris “Too Hard to Guard” DeLeon, Jesse Sapp, Kenny Satterfield and Mike “Optimus Prime” Glover. There was a major giveaway at halftime that saw Yankees tickets, a Nintendo Wii, an iPod and XBox 360 video games awarded to lucky winners. There was no shortage of highlights for the fans and media in attendance. Read More »

Photo: dndinvitational.ning.com Smoke

You may have seen him on the AND 1 Mixtape Tour, where he was given the nickname, “The Problem Child.” You might have peeped him in a summer league in North Philly. If you were in Queens on Saturday, you probably even Read More »