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And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Thanks to the historic rampage that the Lakers went on last night in their 89-67 victory, the basketball universe will be treated to a delicious winner-take-all Game 7 tomorrow evening. The last time we saw Kobe Bryant in Boston’s TD Banknorth Garden, he was fighting by himself, seemingly buck naked, like the Asian dude in the movie, The Hangover, when he hops out of the trunk and causes some bodily harm before escaping into the desert to bring back re-inforcements.

After Game 5, it was apparent that if the Lakers had any chance of successfully defending their title, Kobe would need his entire supporting cast to step up and be counted. And in Game 6, that’s just what happened. And then some! Read More »

Two years ago, moments after Kobe and the Lake Show were decimated by 39 points in Boston’s Game 6 clincher of the 2008 NBA Finals, Ron Artest, who was then playing for the Sacramento Kings and there to cheer on his childhood friend and former AAU teammate from Queens, Lamar Odom, approached Kobe in the locker room and told him he could help him beat the Celtics and get another ring. Read More »