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By Trevor Kapp

The only thing hotter than the temperature in NYC yesterday was the X-Men shooting.

The team drilled 17 threes en route to knocking off Diamond, 117-100, for its second consecutive West 4th crown.

The X-Men jumped out early behind the hot hands of Tommie “Gunz” Eddie and Sean Dantlzer, who combined for 20 first-quarter points, and held a 32-13 advantage after the first ten minutes.

By halftime, it was a 26-point game. Diamond never got closer than 13 the rest of the way. Read More »

Tri-State Classic

By Casey Lee

(Friday, August 14th) — Team Bad Boy, also known as the X-Men, led 49-40 against Dancy Power with the legendary MC Duke Tango calling the game. Also, others in attendance included Fat Joe & Co. as well as Harlem’s own streetball legend Ron “Terminator” Mathias who was officiating the game.

For Bad Boy, or Brooklyn’s X-Men, Tommie Gunz came lighting it up with a crazy reverse lay-up to capture a 26-17 lead early in the game. At 5:30 in the first half, Bad Boy built the lead up to ten points but Dancy Power started roaring back. The Kareem “Best Kept Secret” Reid to Jazz “Total Package” Mansell connection kept Dancy in the game by cutting Bad Boy’s lead to six points with 2:00 left. By halftime, the game started to receive more AHHHs and claps than all the ladies who walked into the park in front of the crowd of streetball-hungry men! AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHaaaaa!!! Read More »


By Jonathan Lopez

Dyckman saw its first round of playoff action last night as the Body Snatchers took on the Kingdome Ballers. It was lights out early on. Literally. The park lights went out and caused about a 10-minute delay shortly after the jumpball. That didn’t stop Kendel “World Premiere” Provet, who finished with 21, from shining though.

It was a back-and-forth game throughout with tough defense being played and a whole lotta dialogue between the teams. The Kingdome Ballers controlled the first half with a small six-point cushion. The score was 35-29 at the break and the playoff intensity spilled over to the second half. Every call was questioned, every foul, a little too aggressive. There was an extra bump after almost every play. Any comment from the crowd sparked a player or three on the court to respond, with comments and by stepping their game up on the court. Read More »

By Trevor Kapp

At 3 p.m. yesterday, the time the game between the #5 Generals and #1 Rosedale Trail Blazers was set to start, the Generals were inside the Cage at West 4th Street going hard through warm-ups. Their opponents strolled in leisurely 20 minutes after and as a tournament director got on their case for showing up late, one player remarked, “Man, that’s no way to treat an undefeated team.”

If he thought a little yelling was bad, that wouldn’t even compare to what the Generals had in mind for the next 90 minutes. The underdogs jumped out to a 35-18 lead with about six minutes left in the 2nd quarter, controlling the pace and showing that once August comes around, regular-season record means nothing. Read More »