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This Wednesday, we not only get treated to a match-up of what many consider the two best teams in the country – the defending National Champs versus another Final Four crew from last year- we also get to see two of the best coached teams in America.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of the individual components, with both teams boasting electrifying singular talents whose playground credentials are not in question. This contest features at least five players, all guards and swing-men, with the potential to get picked in the first round of the upcoming NBA draft. Read More »

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Out of 347 colleges and universities that tip off the season, the NCAA Tournament is now down its ultimate showcase, the Final Four. With stealthy Kansas getting knocked out like Debo by Ali Farokhmanesh and the superb Cinderella crew at Northern Iowa, drop-dead gorgeous Kentucky getting pimp slapped by Don Magic Bob Huggins’ 1-3-1 West Virginia half-court “D” and Syracuse’s intimidating zone being chopped down from its Mount Rushmore elevation to Bushwick Bill height, courtesy of the relentlessly solid Butler Bulldogs, the Madness is now left with its sole top seed, the Duke Blue Devils.

When it’s all said and done, as the confetti falls while CBS drops the One Shining Moment curtain call, will Duke still be singing this? Cue the music – Read More »

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Other than being known as the Blake Griffin Sweepstakes, this year’s selection of up and comer’s will be synonomous down the road as the 2009 Point Guard Draft. As a matter of fact, there were five floor generals taken among the first ten picks overall.

And despite the pundits that opined about the precipitous drop off in talent after the Clippers selected the Super-Duper Griffin, I was particularly delighted with the array of options at the #1 position. Read More »

Playground Tough – Sherron Collins

Last week, I came at you with a list of guards that are making strong cases for Final Four presentations. “Fisher, Price, and Sosa in the midst of March Madness.” Last week’s games made my list look a little suspect with the performances of Levance Fields and Sherron Collins (Bounce #15 Cover), two guards with big playground reps. Both put their respective teams on their backs and have them in the Sweet 16. Sherron dropped 32 and 25 and is looking quite draftable, while Lavance scored 5 consecutive points down the stretch after being tied at 74 with Oklahoma State with 2:42 to go, putting the game in pocket. But it ends this weekend at the Final 8 for Fields, with junior guard Collins getting a “Biggie Moment” look for next year. Read More »