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From the early ’90s through the middle of the new millenium, his bark and bite were equally loud and vicious. For those whose memories reside in recent history, they might only remember Glenn Allen Robinson as a role player from San Antonio’s 2005 NBA championship team.

But for those of us who saw him as a youngster on the come up, he’ll always be fondly remembered as the “Big Dog”, one of the greatest and most dominant players the college game has ever seen. A tenacious rebounder and deadly shooter, he singlehandedly altered the hoops and financial landscape as one of the most complete and unstoppable forces in the illustrious history of the NCAA. Read More »

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With March Madness only a month away, I’m already fiendin’ like Gator in Jungle Fever (“Look Mama, I made this dance up for you.”) So as the current college crop prepares their playground swag for the big dance, I needed to quench my thirst and take a look back, with some added video highlights for your viewing pleasure.

They hijacked the world, took it by storm and forever altered the landscape of the college game. The Fab Five signaled the merging of hip hop sensibilities and hoops, from fashion to swagger to attitude. They took the anti-establishment mystique much further than their Hoya Paranoia predecessors of Patrick Ewing and Big John Thompson in the early to mid ’80s. In addition, they did something that had never been done before: five 18-year-old freshman starters that led their school to the national championship game. Read More »