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Practice with the Puerto Rico Playmakers 12-and-Under AAU squad I spent the first week of February in Puerto Rico, traveling throughout my homeland, claiming it, discovering it, basking in it. While on the tiny island of Culebra, I found this court in the middle of the day at Flamenco Beach . . .

Say word. I shot around by myself and giggled at how the second highest rated beach in the world was only 50 yards away but it played Varsity B in importance once I saw the biddy 8′ rim! Read More »

Jack “Black Jack” Ryan is no stranger to the jump shot, hence why he’s holding shooting clinics to the public. Black Jack is willing to work with you in many aspects of your game in a two-hour session. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to have a street ball legend work on your game. Call 917-754-2486 to book a clinic today. For more information, check out the attached flyer in this post. Read More »

Streetball legend Jack “Black Jack” Ryan was recently interviewed on www.streetball.com. Jack Ryan appeared in the 14th issue of BOUNCE and has numerous posts about him on BOUNCE Magazine Online.

Here is a Bounce article that gives a brief overview about Jack’s impact to the sport: http://www.bouncemag.com/2009/04/21/the-hoop-wizard-in-mali/

To purchase Bounce #14, visit: http://store.dimemag.com/bounceissue14.aspx

Ramon Rodriguez and I met circa 1994. We lived on the same block in the Lower East Side, and I noticed his ill white/orange Nike Air Ballistics. “Where’d you get those?” I asked, and that opened an entire friendship that would encompass a mutual love for music, dancing, family, and of course b-ball. We started putting up jumpers at the 14th St. Y every morning at 8am, and eventually ran together in tournaments like Fireball, Tillary Park, Nickelodeon, Ham-Fish, on and on.

In 2002, he, Jack Ryan, and I formed Project Playground, a traveling basketball performance group that wound up doing halftime shows for the Mavs, Knicks, Hornets, U Conn, U of Tennessee, U of Florida, u name it! Those are all great memories, and I consider “Mone” my little brother, so you know I was stupid proud this summer to see him rock the big screen in Taking Of Pelham 1, 2, 3 alongside Denzel, and the blockbuster Transformers.

Recently, Ramon went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show for an interview. Towards the end he shows Kimmel some b-ball tricks–HIGHLARIOUS!

If you wondering if the brother can really play Read More »

Bounce Magazine

Brooklyn native Jack “Black Jack” Ryan recently was invited to entertain aspiring young ballplayers in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. Far away from home, the West 4th St. legend quickly won over the kids, and totally enjoyed the experience. “They gave me a nice Qatar uni to perform in,” he told us. Apparently, he’ll get to wear it again with the success of his trip: “The GM of the country’s federation said he wants to bring what the NBA does for its players and fans. Maybe I’ll be back . . .”

Shortly after returning home, Jack Ryan played against the Main Event Dream Team in a positive community entertainment game held for the Linden (NJ) PAL. Against former AND 1 Mixtape Tour players like Spyda, Shane, and Pharmacist, the 45+ year old scored 25 points! Announcer Joe Pope (also of Watson Classic and Tri-State) told the old man, “You should be playing with us, man!”

The legend continues . . .

Bounce Magazine

My Fritz League Jersey

This is my rookie year in the Pelham Fritz Basketball League. The tournament hosted by Lawrence House, Sr. is the premier 38-and-over run in New York City. Former NBA players Charles Smith, Gus Williams, Mike Bantom, and Steve Burtt play with the likes of former overseas and pro veteran streetballers Molloy “Future” Naismith, James “Speedy” Williams, “Master” Rob Hockett, Wes Correa, Troy Bowers, Leroy Shaw, Chad Woodley, Omar Booth, Daren Rowe, Jack Ryan, Jose Alvarez, Tony Greer, Curt Middleton, Ed Duncan, Gerald “Doogie” Thomas, Bobbito Garcia, Tony Hargraves, Drederick Irving, and Dexter “Twin” Gardener.

Our record is 10-2, one game back from the Bulls who feature the legendary “Future” whose legs are still young. One of the highlights of the league is the announcer, AZ – the voice of Harlem. AZ speaks straight James Brown griot-chant, dispensing the nicknames and keeping everybody’s feet semi-light. My fellow Sun’s teammates – “Twin” and Correa are respectively called “The Eradicator” and “Wild Wild Wes,” but my nickname is “Coach Couch.” I’ve decided to gun for the game over, grimy, I’m straight destruction nickname. I’m not sure, however, if my hamstrings are going to allow me to do it though… Read More »