Tobias Harris on layup line before his confrontation with #4 ranked Villanova.

While President Obama took 12 stitches to the lip during a pickup game at Fort McNair that included Education Secretary and National Hoop it Champion Arne Duncan and former Duke player and personal assistant Reggie Love yesterday, a few of the playground’s best scorers, also used to the rough and tumble pickup style, hit the court at the finals of the NIT Season Tip-Off at MSG. The art of creating space off the dribble, without a dribble, under the rim, and off a screen is in full display as the best the street has to offer that isn’t nicknamed “Prince of Zamunda,” first name Kemba, get burn at MSG in holiday prime time. As I ‘m writing this, at half time #24 Tennessee is up 35-30 on Nova, with Tobias leading all scorers with 11 smooth points and 6 rebounds Read More »

Man, it happened…we got Bounce 23 off!! It was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on this, but I’m personally feeling like Kobe after winning a chip with Shaq (understand what I’m saying)…Legendary Rucker Coach Antonio “Mousey” Carela rocks the cover and talks about his interaction with Fat Joe, Puffy and the NBA stars he recruited to play uptown…”Street Dogma” explores the American National Dunking Ban caused by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and my pops Jim Couch, back in ‘67…our “How We Do “column features one of Philly’s finest – Mike Keyes – who demonstrates the KOBE TURNTABLE…get into it! The new comic strip – GAME FACES – tells the story of a young player on his quest to build his basketball FOCUS under pressure, a combo of metaphysical western urbanism with eastern morals and values. As the ball leaves his hands and rotates through the air the forces of the playground go into action… Read More »