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Hoops in the Sun 2011 Trailer The Latest / Nov 15, 2010 / 4:15 pm

A preview from the Cruz brothers fresh off one of their most successful summers. Bingo’s All-Stars (Hoops 2010 Champ) came away with the overall NYC Nike Tournament of Champions title and again Hoops is ahead of the curve with a movie trailer that reps the tourney.

Photo by Rafael Roy

The 2010 Nike Tournament of Champions was about one thing – Namesake. I had a convo with Corey “Homicide” Williams a few weeks before the game and he told me two important things about the city game. “It takes a long time to build a name but only a second to lose it,” Homicide said. Makes sense.

Watching a player kill summer after summer only adds to their legacy. It’s why players like the newly retired John “Franchise” Strickland, the master of post finishing for several years in New York City, are so revered in playground basketball – he owned the game in his prime and now in its 4th year, the Nike T.O.C. can bite that rep and now be called “The Franchise” of NYC tournament ball. Read More »

Hoops in the Sun All-Star Game The Latest / Jul 19, 2010 / 9:02 am

Baltimore’s Stacy Brown throws one down

It was a star-studded event at Orchard Beach this weekend for the Hoops in the Sun (HITS) All-Star Game. Baltimore’s ESBL squad took on a HITS all-star team that included the likes of Steve Burtt, Jr., Miguel “Miles High” Milien, Haron “H2O” Hargrave, Adris “Too Hard to Guard” DeLeon, Jesse Sapp, Kenny Satterfield and Mike “Optimus Prime” Glover. There was a major giveaway at halftime that saw Yankees tickets, a Nintendo Wii, an iPod and XBox 360 video games awarded to lucky winners. There was no shortage of highlights for the fans and media in attendance. Read More »

R.I.P. Sir Rob The Latest / Jul 1, 2010 / 3:08 pm

Sir Rob.

Robert “Sir Rob” Negron died on the basketball court playing a pick up game last week. Rob was a mainstay on the playground always seen taking photos, a person dedicated to streetball in all its forms.

At Pro City on Tuesday night a shrine was set up for him at the entrance and below are words from a hand out that summed up his work.

“Robert Negron had the skill of creating art from art. He collected photos of famous people assembling them into collage form, capturing the eye and the imagination. Read More »

In 2009, www.purehip-hop.blogspot.com from France asked to interview me about my b-ball perspectives ranging from the difference of the playground and NBA to the legend of Joe Hammond. I invited them to meet up with me while I was shooting around in Foster Projects, Harlem USA, on a rainy summer day.

See if you can name the artist and album that the song at the end is from!

The Cruz brothers – Joe and Randy – have done it again! Yes, they have produced yet another trailer in anticipation of the summer season at Orchard Beach in the Bronx.

With the advancements in gadgets and gizmos, Joe and Randy Cruz have been the ones to intelligently market their tournament through their website – Hoopsinthesun.net – as well as other outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.

Peep this new trailer, not only of legendary moments in HITS history, but the marriage of street basketball and technology!

EZ Pass Bounces Back Hoops In The Sun, Rucker / Jan 21, 2010 / 3:04 pm

Bounce Magazine

Kemba Walker will admit it.

The kid they call EZ Pass hasn’t been operating UConn’s offense the way CT folks envisoned the Rucker Regular would the past few weeks, and UConn’s three-headed mauling machine of Walker-Stanley Robinson-Jerome Dyson hadn’t been leading the way they were supposed to during the program’s first three-game slide in three years.

“(Coach Blaney) told us (Walker, Dyson, Robinson) we’re the big three on this team and he wanted us to take the leadership role,” said Walker.

“All three of us haven’t been doing a great job with it, but lately throughout practice, we’ve been talking to the guys and trying to get them to step up.” Read More »

Last week, the temperature was warmer than the typical weather of previous January and winter seasons. As it reminded us of the soon-to-be summer season, we anticipate great tournaments like Hoops in the Sun at Orchard Beach in the Bronx, New York.

Thanks to the Cruz brothers, we have a trailer to get us ready for the outdoor game once again!