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Episode I

The night is nigh and the tale of a man bearing gifts runs strong in the American Republic. I personally don’t get excited about a big fat dude in red velvet with a black patent-leather belt that holds up his slacks with knee-high boots on a roof, sliding down a chimney. That isn’t happening in Harlem for sure, so for your eye, here’s an offering from one of the NYC’s top point guards – Lamont “MoMo” Jones, presently a starting guard on the 11-2 Arizona Wildcats of the PAC-10 conference. Check Episode I above, with II Read More »

The world basketball festival (Aug 12-15) is less than a month away. Player appearances, retail pop-up shops and actual on-court action in unprecedented places (Namely Times Square) is on the way, but before all that action attacks Manhattan, the people at Nike, Converse and Brand Jordan wanted to give a everyone a chance to see how all aspects of the game started, how we got here and where the future will take us.

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Photo: Bang Lee (SpaceBallMag.net)

A crowd of 10,386 was announced in attendance before the game started. At the 10 minute mark in the first half, the Kingdome reached full capacity or somewhere close to it with about 400-500 people. Faces like Duke Tango, Quentin “T2″ Hosley, Sean Bell All-Star’s Coach Rah, and Richie Parker were in attendance to witness the 2009 Championship between Dominican Power (blue jerseys) and Big Cuzin Entertainment (black jerseys).

One squad brought team-oriented style, while the other displayed individual talent. Kendall “World Premier” Provett, Kenny “Grown Man Stuff / Serious Satellite” Satterfield, Sean “Killa” Kilpatrick, Jazz “Total Package” Mansell, and Tyshawn “Bodywide” Valentine started the game.

Guess which team they were. Please don’t get it twisted though; the other team bragged names like John “The Franchise” Strickland, Raul Mercedes, Richard “Slasher” Rivas, Baby Shaq, and Frank “Frankie Chulo” Penn. Read More »

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Nike reps, Bounce familia and the fans of NYC summer ball had waited for this day the way Lil’ Dez does when he sits outside Kobe and LeBron’s apartment– uncontrollably bopping around in excitement, just waiting to see their heroes.

The 1 train, The Village, Hunter College and Harlem World have all been watching and waiting to crown the team of the summer. After months of players getting after it on all surfaces in all locations, the city finally got its wish this weekend. Read More »

Tonight at 145th & Lenox in Harlem at 6:00pm, Dancy Power aka Sean Bell All-Stars plays defending champions Money Train in an epic battle that will determine who will go to the Nike Tournament of Champions on Saturday.

Coach Rah leads his Sean Bell All-Stars, a team that is mostly Queens (NY) based against Money Train a team that surely gets most of their players from the Q as well.

The game features talent like Antawn “Anti-Freeze” Dobie, B.J. “The Beast” McFadden, Kareem “The Best Kept Secret” Reid, Corey “The Undertaker” Underwood, and Jazz “Total Package” Mansell.

2009 Finals MVP: Yatta Gaines Photo: Casey Lee

2009 EBC Champions: Prime Time Photo: Casey Lee

(Monday, August 17th) There was standing room only, and the park was filled to capacity for the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) 2009 Men’s Unlimited Championship. Jadakiss was in attendance to watch his crew, Team 914, with half of Westchester County!

Packed crowd Photo: Casey Lee

Coaches also were found everyone–Rah (Sean Bell All-Stars), Dee (Team Cam’ron), and even [Queens] Cardozo HS own Ron Naclerio–to peep Team 914 and Prime Time battle for first place and bragging rights.

Ron Naclerio (left) talking with James Ryan (right) Photo: Casey Lee

The first half was filled with defensive intensity. Both teams went back and forth as the score was tied up at halftime, leaving a question mark as to who would dominate the second half. Read More »

Photo: Casey Lee

James Ryan’s Prime Time has battled to the EBC Finals 2009 by defeating top seeded in their division Angie Martinez, 91-80 thanks to patience and a supporting cast of players, while Coach Sean Oliver’s Team 914 survived a triple-overtime thriller against Hustle Hard (aka Brooklyn’s X-Men) and a close ten point victory over Coach Rah’s Sean Bell All-Stars at Gauchos Gym in the Bronx.

Photo: Casey Lee

Both teams had contrasting seasons as Team 914 claimed the best record in the regular season compared to Prime Time’s sub-.500 record. Miguel “Miles High” Milien and Yatta Gaines lead the way for Prime Time versus a stacked Team 914 with Torey “Stix” Thomas, Aaron “The Problem” Williams, former Providence guard Donnie McGrath, and St. John’s alum big man Kyle Cuffe to name a few.

Photo: Casey Lee

So, who take the chip tonight at 8:00pm tonight? The patient team with role players or the squad that rolls deep? It should be exciting as both sides play hard-nosed defense in addition to high-energy offense.

Get your seat early as security will be tight and seats will be limited!

This Friday the words hell in Harlem come back to life with the Tri State final four on 145th street and Lenox Avenue. You know I’m hype because we get to watch Smush Parker, Tommie Eddie & Chris Welye coached by long time basketball wizard Dytanya Mixon in what will be an epic battle Read More »