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Philly’s Team Final coached by former NBA player Pervis Ellison won the 2010 Funsport Jr. Pros Championship.

What a cool day to be a shortie middle school player that has game. The Funsport Junior Pro Championship game was played at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night and for all the friends and family of players, it was a dream opportunity. But for Philly’s Lamarr Kimble, it was a MVP night! Read More »

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While the I.S. 8, Tru Ballerz, and the D&D Invitational tourneys dominate pre-season H.S. ball in NYC, the official middle school tournament is the Junior Pros run by Ricky Rivers in Brooklyn. In the upcoming Bounce 26, which comes out in a few days, Rivers is featured in our Winner Takes All column. One of his directors – Thomas “Tippy” McTernan – is one of the most respected talent evaluators in the city. So check Bounce for the report on the up and coming shorties from the northeast region as they compete throughout the fall. Tippy’s Pre-Season Report: Week #1 includes 6′8″ eighth grader Horace Spencer from Philly who dunked in his first pre-season game Read More »

For its first five years, Rickey Rivers’ Funsport Junior Pros League was restrained mostly to the confines of small Brooklyn gyms. But Sunday night, the uncomfortable bleachers and dim lights gave way to padded seats and lustrous illumination as the championship game between the New Jersey Pirates and Starrett City shifted to maybe the greatest basketball venue in the world, the Garden.

While not quite what you’d find courtside at Staples Center, the crowd still had a few big names. Walt “Clyde” Frazier and John Starks took some photos with players before the game, and Indiana Pacers guard Dahntay Jones watched the opening few minutes. Lincoln HS coach Dwayne “Tiny” Morton and Cardozo head Ron Naclerio also took in the action. Read More »

On Jan. 3, Starrett City is scheduled to take on the New Jersey Pirates in the championship game of the Funsport Junior Pros at the infamous Madison Square Garden. Tickets are as follows:

$30 –> admission to NY Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers game and admission to championship game at courtside with t-shirt

$10 –> admission to the championship game at courtside @9pm

Funsport Playoffs The Latest / Dec 24, 2008 / 11:22 am

Jordan Washington

Jordan Washington led the Panthers to the Funsport title.

Not even heavy snow and frigid temperatures could stop Brooklyn residents from packing Thomas Jefferson HS this weekend to see some of New York’s premiere middle-school talent in the Funsport Inc. playoffs. Read More »