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Last week, Brooklyn’s Fly Williams had a mild attack and had to be hospitalized for a period of time. An article by NY Post writer Peter Vecsey, ex-Rucker League Coach and a holder of the history of Rucker Park basketball in the ’70s reports on his condition.

Bounce Magazine

“Even Christianity has been caught up in the manis, with the Rev. John David Laida going so far as to contemplate changing his name to “Fly.” ‘I think I’ll call myself “Fly” Laida and see if I can pack the church,’ he told his Clarksville congregation.”

-Rob Sieb, The Basketball News

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“I’m sorry Chris Jackson, You are for real!” -The Ali re-mix of the OutKast classic, Ms. Jackson

Every generation can lay claim to that one transcendant talent, a shooting star that scorched everything in his path en route to ascending the ladder of LEGEND. For some, their reign at the crescendo was long. For others, the view from the mountaintop was all too brief. For Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, the artist formerly known as Chris Jackson, his extraordinary spontaneous combustion during two remarkable seasons at L.S.U. was enough to tickle the memories of those who witnessed his exploits for a lifetime.

With an arsenal that included an impeccable handle, more shakes than a fervent Beyonce dance routine, a bananas vertical leap, an underrated assist game that was overshadowed by his prolific scoring, lightning hands that thieved like Bernard Madoff and a hiccup-quick release on a jimmy that was as dependable as Oprah, Mahmoud sizzled retinas. Read More »